Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy 3 Months, Caleb!!

Caleb made 3 months last week! He's doing great, and here are some sweet pictures of some of his daily activities...tummy time...
Activity mat time...some times with brother :)
Look at Rhys' big smile!! He really delights in his little brother, which Daddy & Mommy love to watch!!
And a little sitting with help from the Bumpo seat.
Caleb is a sweetheart in every way...we are thankful for another laid-back, easy little fellow. He's been sleeping from 9pm to 6/7am for a couple of weeks, now, and I am SO thankful for that good rest!!! I praise the LORD for a good schedule and the diligence to stay on it! It pays off for all of us!! He weighs in at 13lbs 8oz...just a little stat for me to remember on this post. :)

Happy 3 months, little guy! We love you and definitely thank the LORD for your presence in our lives!! XOXOXOXOXOXO.........

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The Phelps said...

Hey! Glad to hear Caleb is doing well. I was blessed with another fussy baby, but hopefully Avery will outgrow it soon. She had her two month check up today, and they say she's fine! Y'all are back in Birmingham, right? Where did you end up buying a house (or have you)? Maybe we can get together and visit soon!