Thursday, June 25, 2009

Play Times...

Rhys is growing SO much!! Last week, I had him in his little exersaucer, and only his toes touched the bottom of it; this week, he's standing in it! He's getting SO long, SO fast!!! I praise the Lord for his healthy growth & development!! He's so curious, as he plays with his toys, trying to figure out movements and's really sweet and fun for me {perhaps, as a first time mommy???}. :)
Moving on into our week...we had a fun time at our play group yesterday.
Thank you, Jenn, for hosting!! We met a new family...Chrissie and her little ones, Ella & Hudson. Sadie will be here within just a few weeks!! Chrissie will have three babes under three!!!
Of course, some of our regulars were there...sweet Christian......and Rollins... :)
Miss Melissa with little Vale...Miss Melissa enjoyed holding Rhys for a little while...
I got to enjoy holding Rhys for a good while!! :) He's still at the age where he's not quite as mobile, so I need to take full advantage of that and hold him as much as I can!!
"Christian, are you performing CPR on Rhys? Good to know you have that skill, little buddy!!" ;)And for about a minute, all the kids were out of the main 'play room,' so I couldn't resist taking this picture of what courageous moms get to clean up when all of kiddos leave play group! Jenn, Melissa, Lauren, thank yall for hosting, which includes even more than setting out toys and then cleaning up our messes!

What a fun week, so far! More play times coming up!!

P.S. Have I mentioned that it's fun being a mommy? :)

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