Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father’s Day to my Beloved Husband!!

Although you were a daddy last year, Hun, Rhys was still in my tummy, and it was just not the same as it is today! He’s been here for a wonderful 5 months, now, and you truly are an amazing daddy to him! You genuinely seek to honor the Lord as you lead us as leader of our family, and I appreciate that more than anything this world could offer.
How do I appreciate you as a father to our child?

Well, it’s a long list…I love to hear you pray for Rhys, for his future, for his spiritual walk and acknowledgment of our Lord Jesus and God as soon as He would allow for this. I love to see you in this new role as father, treating me with utmost love and respect, while also seeing Rhys as an individual with needs and desires to be fulfilled. God is teaching me so much through watching you with our son, teaching me to desire patience, perseverance, endurance and integrity as a parent, as your wife, as a woman. You do not hesitate to help in any way with our sweet child, and that just makes my love and appreciation for you grow so that I would do anything for you! I enjoy watching you hold Rhys against your chest, cradle him in your arms, whisper, speak and sing sweet words of life and encouragement into his ears, coo at him, play with him, bathe, change and just selflessly be with him as his father.
Rhys is incredibly blessed to have you as his father, and he will learn much under your guidance…the spiritual things of our Heavenly Father, as you pray with him and teach him all of the wonderful truths of His Word and of Him as our Lord and God. And I know you look forward to teaching him about life through some good application…camping trips, off-roading trips, working on cars/trucks/jeeps together, helping him determine and discern what is right and good so that he can confidently live his life out, hopefully for the Lord.
God has blessed me with you as my husband, Russell, and I am so excited to watch you father our son! He will be so well-rounded, Lord willing, through your patient, tender, yet strong love for him. May our Lord continue to bless your heart and role as father, my love.
Happy Father’s Day!!

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