Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Four Months!!!

Happy belated FOUR months, Rhys!!! I can hardly believe how time is flying by! I started this post last week, but so much has been going on that I've been side-tracked!! Forgive me, son! :)

You've spent the last month of your life in a hotel! :) Not many people can say that! Yep, since our home flooded a month ago {faulty laundry machine hose}, we've been living at the Hampton Inn! You even started rolling over in our hotel room!! :) One afternoon, about three weeks ago, I put you down on your activity mat, walked a few steps away, and, next thing I know, you had rolled over from your back to your front! Way to go, son! You've been rolling over in your car seat {when not buckled in}, in your bouncy seat, in your papasan chair, in your crib and pack 'n play non stop! :) Daddy and I love to see you get so strong and even independent as you choose to roll over!

Staying at the hotel has had its perks, for sure...yummy breakfasts all morning long, gourmet coffee and hot chocolate all day long, a beautiful, inviting swimming pool, which you've enjoyed with Daddy and Mommy and several friends :), fabulous housekeeping {I haven't made up a bed, dusted or cleaned a toilet in weeks!! :)} and more! However, we're all ready to get back into our home!! We think it'll be at least another week {house update to come!}.

You have been incredibly good through this process, son...such a trooper! You've gone with us back and forth to the house and to all of our wonderful friends' homes for yummy home-cooked meals, to do laundry and all the fun things that come along with living temporarily like nomads. :) You're almost solely on formula, and we praise the Lord that you like it! You weighed 14lbs at your last dr's appointment, measured 24 inches in length with a head circumference of 16 inches. You're growing so fast!! I love it!! You're laughing out loud...Daddy can make you laugh like no one else! You just giggle and giggle!!! You also seem to love the outdoors! So, we bought some patio chairs a couple of weeks ago with intentions of sitting outside with you! You've been such a joy, little man, and life with you only gets better and better each day!

Your 4-month pediatrician's appointment went great! You got 4 shots, and you only cried one time! Here are some cute pictures of you just before your shots. :)
Here, you're playing with your rabbit from Aunt Britney!!
"Thank you, Aunt Britney!!" :)
Daddy is SO sweet to come with us to your appointments! He's so good to keep you entertained!!
I have to include this last picture...how could a mommy not love this sweet picture of her favorite men?
Daddy and I are excited to keep watching you grow and to get to be part of your life. We constantly pray that God will bless your heart to love Him and to follow Him with all of your heart, mind, body and soul.


The deVilleneuves said...

Happy 4 months Rhys! You are getting so big, and we have loved watching you grow these past 4 months!

Kathryn said...

What a sweet boy! Rhys, you have the most beautiful skin! :) And what a big, busy boy with all that rolling! Good job!

Matt, Sandy and Logan said...

What a great update, Shireen! The pictures are great, especially the one of your boys!

HB said...

So fun. That baby boy is the SPITTING image of his daddy!!!

Dana and Chris Sheheane said...

Oh, Rhys is just so precious shireen!! His coloring is gorgeous! And he reminds me of Wells in that they both look just like their daddies!! I am still amazed with your positive outlook on your living situation right now. Chris and I talked about it last night and are in awe of you two. Thanks for giving the example of just going with what God gives us and being thankful in the midst of it! Love ya, dana