Tuesday, June 2, 2009

RCC Play Group

Our family attends Redeemer Community Church...we appreciate and love this body of believers! Within the last few weeks, the moms have started getting together each week to fellowship and eat lunch together, while our kiddos play! This group of ladies has been so good for my heart. The Lord clearly knows that I'm going to need this adult interaction with these good women by mid-week each week! It's also a fun time for Rhys to spend with his friends, whether he knows it or not!! :)
Above, Melissa & her little beauty, Vale, have been letting our group meet in their home. They have all the toys laid out and some kind of yummy dessert ready for all of us each week! :) "Thank you, Melissa & Vale!!"
Below, check out how sweet these two are...Rhys and Vale are sharing the activity mat with each other! Look at their sweet faces...gotta love trying to figure out little chillin's minds! :)
Jenn and her boys, Rollins and Christian, come too! I can't get over how all of our kiddos are growing SO FAST!!! I feel like Rollins was born just yesterday, but he's already a big brother! WOW! And Christian's already sitting up and playing by himself! Rhys isn't too far behind!! Yay!! Other ladies and their babes come, and we just have a good ole time!

By the end of our time together, I'm not only fulfilled, but I'm ready to get home with Rhys for a nice nap! All that wonderful fellowshipping tires me out...in a GOOD way!! :) I look forward to this week's play group!!


Cindy said...

Playgroups are awesome. It's the only thing that keeps me sane :-)

The Amato's said...

I want to be in your playgroup...darn those 350 miles between us!

Michelle and Jeremy said...

love Rhys shirt! glad it finally fits.