Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy 5 Months, Rhys!!

Rhys, you are growing so much, so FAST!!! Truly, you are so BIG these days! Big and handsome!! This last month, we moved back home {since the flood}, we started giving you formula, which you love, you’re napping well {still 3 times a day…morning, mid-morning and afternoon}, sleeping well at night…longer since we’ve been home {yay!!!}, and you’re just so happy!! Friends keep telling us what a good and happy baby you are, and, of course, we completely agree.

We’ve been traveling a ton, it seems, so now that we’re slowing down a bit, Mommy plans to introduce you to some fun solid foods!! This morning, we start you on rice cereal, and I'm hoping you will like it!

This last month has been so much fun! You are so interactive, you talk/babble during just about all of your awake time, you laugh and giggle, roll over from your front to your back and then your back to your front, keeping us entertained, and Mommy and Daddy are just so proud of you and thankful to the Lord!
You enjoyed rolling around on our HUGE king-size hotel bed!

You've enjoyed your new float at the Stickler's lake house and at different swimming pools, recently! You still cuddle with Mommy, which I LOVE!!! {Justin, aka 'straw man', that's your hat! :))
You've been Mr. Social, and everyone wants a chance at holding you, including our sweet neighbor Miss Kate, who adores you and takes such good care of you!Speaking of just spent a nice, long weekend with two of your good friends, Rollins & Christian, and y'all played so well!!How sweet is this!?!? We love you, big man!! Happy 5 months!!

Love, Daddy & Mommy


Darby said...

I love it! He's so big I can't take it!! So glad to see all the pictures and get the updates!

Mama Matteo said...

he is getting SOOO big and as always SOOOO cute.