Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birthday, Reunion, Father's Day & Good Ole Visitatin' in LA

A couple of weekends ago, we got to visit with family and friends in Louisiana. We celebrated Russell's dad's 60th birthday (& early father's day), which was a fun surprise for Rusty!! Lots of family came, we had lots of grilled meats, yummy side dishes and fun desserts!!
I think Poppa was excited to see Rhys. :)Definitely Aunt Tami, too!
Poppa & Aunt Tami canNOT get enough of this little man!!! {I love that!! :)}Above, Russell's parents, Claudia & Rusty (aka Grandmom & Poppa :)) and Russell's sister Tami
Below, Russell's sister Kristie, her husband Todd & their sweet little girl, Sierra Grace {"Ra Ra" :)} Uncle Jimbo seems to be fond of this little fellow, too. :) The next day was Russell's mom's family reunion, which was a fun pot-luck get-together!
Afterwards, we got to catch up over coffee and dessert with some friends, Tyler & Krystal, at a local coffee shop! They're expecting, and we are very excited for them!! "Krystal, please keep us posted when you find out if yall are having a girl or a boy!!" :)
It was such a pleasure to watch Krystal love on Rhys!! She's already an amazing mommy to that sweet baby in her tummy! What a fun weekend, with lots of fun activities, visits and celebrations!!

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