Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rhys - "Up Close & Personal"

Obviously, we cannot get too much of this little guy! I capture a moment whenever I think to do so and have the camera close at hand. Well, actually, sometimes I run to grab the camera! :) I'm NO professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but I can point a camera and mash a button! Here are some random shots of Rhys from his first week!

One VERY thankful and joyful family! We praise the Lord for His new addition to our family!

I love this picture of our strong and healthy man cub! :)

Below, he was just starting to open his eyes...they're mostly blue right now, but it will be interesting to see if they turn more brown, like his mommy's, or more hazel, like his daddy's.
Rhys had just a twinge of jaundice when we left the hospital, so they told us to sun him as we had the chance. Here, he's catching his first sunbath! :) Like his mommy, he likes the heat of the sun!

Russell gives Rhys his first bath! So sweet!!

Rhys got the royal treatment from Daddy after the bath...I caught Russell brushing Rhys' hair, which just makes my heart melt!

Hair parted...what a little gentleman! Notice his hair is pretty light in color...more like Russell's! We're still trying to figure out who he looks more like. :) We'll be able tell in time.
After bath comes swaddle time! Daddy does the perfect swaddle! I'm still trying to 'perfect' mine, if that's possible!
In his crib!
My two favorite men...Rhys gives a high five to Daddy's high one! :)
Russell filing Rhys' nails...I'm telling you, he got the spa treatment!! I hope I'm next!! :)
We were eating lunch, and Rhys started giving us some sweet smiles (probably dreaming), so I grabbed for the camera yet again!
In his pack 'n play downstairs.
A close-up.

That's Rhys, up close and personal, guys!! He's got a very sweet demeanor, and we are excited to watch him grow and develop into his own personality! May God be glorified as we genuinely seek to raise Rhys up to honor Him and live for Him. May God continue to prepare Rhys' heart to know and love Him with all of his heart, mind, body and soul! May Russell and I be diligent in the Lord, as well! In Jesus' name I pray. Amen!


Angie Davis said...

beautiful! he looks so much like russell to me, but there is no telling! we thought charlie looked just like me....go figure.

Laura said...

Congrats. He is so cute!

Darby said...

Y'all... he is so beautiful! I can't get over how sweet he is. I mean, seriously, a BEAUTIFUL baby... and I'm not making that up!! :) Shireen, you look like you're doing great.. I'm so thankful. Way to go Russell on the bath and nails! I think the thought of either of those chores with a teeny tiny baby make Justin weak in the knees! His sweet complection is perfect and I love his hair... I'm with you... I think he may be a blondey! Shireen, me and you... dark eyes, dark skin, dark hair... birthing blue-eyed blonde babies... who woudl of thunk it?! What a treasure he is and what a blessing to see you give ALL GLORY TO GOD!! Halleluiah!! I wish I could hold him... tell him I love him!!

Mama Matteo said...

good job catching all those sweet moments. my favorite is the one with russell and rhys on the floor, it really shows the size difference. that will be fun to keep for when rhys gets bigger than his dad someday. right now i think he looks a little more like russell but with the two of you as his parents, he is bound to be a handsome boy regardless of who he looks like!

Evan Travers said...

So wonderful.

Nicki McDonald said...

I just had to cheat and look at this before I meet him in person! Wow!! He is so adorable!

The Amato's said...

He is just soooo sweet! We cannot wait to meet him! Welcome Rhys, your south Louisiana family loves you! Please give him a kiss for us!
How are you doing? We will be praying for you as your body trys to recover & adjust. Please let us know if you need anything. We love ya'll
The Amato's

JOY. said...

Shireen and Russell- Congratulations! Rhys is a beautiful addition to the Wright family...I look forward to seeing y'all in person sometime. Blessings, and CONGRATS!! Love, JOY.

Matt and Sandy Phelps said...

Shireen - Congratulations! You all look great. I know you are really enjoying that sweet little man. He's adorable!