Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rhys is One Week Today!!

Thank you to all the pray-ers praying on our behalf these last several pregnancy :) months, especially the last few weeks approaching Rhys' due date! It was a difficult labor and delivery, and the recovery has been slow-going and painful, but it's all been so worth it since we now have this treasured little man in our midst! We love him so much!!!

If you're interested in the labor and delivery story, continue reading... If not (and that's totally fine!!), I hope you enjoy the pictures below of our little man, already being loved on by so many wonderful family and friends!

The story...I awoke last Wednesday morning, motivated to dive into my Bible study, then decided to clean house! I cleaned EVERYthing! Later in the afternoon, I was antsy to get outside, so I asked Russell if he'd escort me :) on a long and hard speed walk, stating, "We're getting this baby out of me!" :) We walked hard for about 50 minutes. I was tired when we got home, so I went to take a nap, but I never slept because I started cramping, which I soon realized were labor contractions. I slowly and painfully made my way downstairs to Russell..."Honey, I think I'm having contractions." He started timing the contractions, while shutting down and packing our laptops and all of our hospital bags and goodies. He was so calm! The contractions were 5 minutes apart. I had gone back upstairs to pack my bag...I was a procrastinator with my bag! Then, I made up our bed with freshly cleaned sheets, remembering that a few of my girlfriends said to hang out at home as long as you possibly can so that I'm not stuck in a hospital room for hours while my body is slowly dilating.

We called our doctor and were told to come on in. So, we were off to the hospital, still counting contractions, me moaning in pain and giving Russell directions to the hospital via the back roads. :) We were admitted around 6:15 Wednesday night. I went from being dilated at 1.5 cm the day before at my 39-week dr's appointment to 5 cm upon admission. Within 2 hours, I was fully dilated and ready to push! The nurses and doctor were so encouraged, just knowing that this delivery would be as quick as my dilation! I was excited and hoping for this, too! Well, long story a little short :), 3 hours into pushing, we moved to a c-section. I was so loopy from all the pain meds and so exhausted from pushing, I was just ready to end this delivery.

Praise the Lord, the c-section was fast and successful. Rhys was delivered at 2:19am on Thursday, January 22nd (Chris, Russell was pulling for your birthday, and he is always "wright!" :)).

Upon hearing Rhys' first cry, I just broke down in joy and thanksgiving! I was surprised at this because I've never really related to the infant stage of a child's life, but I'd been praying specifically that the Lord would change my heart so that I would relate to Rhys and appreciate his infant years, and God has more than blessed those prayers!! After being stitched up, I was wheeled into my postpardum room, where the long recovery process began. I say "long" because I could hardly move without hurting, even on pain meds. Russell had to lift me in and out of bed and tend to my every need. He won HUGE brownie points from me!! He also tended to Rhys' diaper changes, cries and would carry him to me for his feedings. We bonded as a family for those four days at the hospital and are thankful to be in our HOME!!!

Thank you to everyone who came to visit us and meet Rhys at the hospital!! We were only able (or mindful! :)) to snap pictures of some of you... Papa and Grandmom Wright drove in from Louisiana without hesitation! They were with us by 3:00am, unable to wait to meet their first grandson!!
Baba and Mama Nili (my parents :)) came and took turns loving on their first grandchild, too!!

Aunt Soraya (my twin sister :)) has come by to hold and love on Rhys almost each day of his sweet life, so far! She calls and texts to check in on him all the time! She's excited to be an aunt!

And sweet Britney...our adopted sister :) came all the way from Atlanta just to meet Rhys and visit with us! Oh, not to mention do Rhys' first photoshoot! Britney's in photography school, and she snapped away so professionally for at least a half hour! We can hardly wait to see the pics!! :) "Thank you, Britney!!! You've got to come and spend a day with us, just playing with Rhys and catching up with us! We would love it!!!"

A big THANKS to Ryan and Jenn! Russell hadn't eaten anything throughout my long delivery process, so at 3:00AM Thursday morning, Ryan shows up with a bag of a dozen Krystal burgers. Beggars can't be choosers at 3:oo in the morning! :) Russell was thankful! "Thank y'all for visiting us at the hospital and for all that you guys did in making our homecoming so special!! We love you guys, and the Lord has really blessed our transition into a family through our interaction with your family!!"My sweet friend Ashley!!! I called her at least 3 or 4 times during my labor and delivery just to keep her posted! :) She's been SO excited for us to have our little one!! "Thank you for all the goodies for our hospital stay, and how fun for our boys to have already spent a day together basking in the sun (another post to come on that! ;))!!"Of course, Poppa Pete wouldn't miss this sweet treat for anything! He couldn't get enough of Rhys in one visit to the hospital, so he came again! He and Yaya have already made their rounds to the house! :) "We love you guys!!"
Sweet Jan couldn't wait to meet the little man either! She rushed to the hospital with a sweet new blanket for Rhys, which is so cuddly and soft!!! "Thank you, Jan! And thank you for bringing us dinner last night!!" :)I just couldn't resist posting this sweet picture of my men! Aren't they so perfect together!?!? I love them, and I praise our Lord for allowing me to live this life and all these wonderful seasons with them!
Russell snapped this shot of us asleep...isn't it so sweet!?!? I was probably on pain meds and completely loopy, but I'm thankful that he captured this sweet moment. P.S. We're snuggled in the cuddly blanket from Jan! :)


Darby said...

I just savored every last word and picture... love it all ... except the c-section part... ouchie! I hope your body is recovering and that you are enjoying your precious little blessing... I want to see his hair and face better! Snap some of his face and hair! I love you!!

Cindy said...

Happy 1 Week Birthday Rhys!

Shireen, I cannot imagine pushing for 3 hours -- you are SUPER WOMAN! I hope you are taking it easy and that Russell is still pampering you. At least your house is clean and your bed sheets are changed :-)

Thanks for posting all the pictures!

Angie Davis said...

congratulations you guys! sorry i'm just piping in, but i'm so happy that he is here - happy, healthy, and beautiful!

if the days seem long,just remember that the years are short!!

Missy said...

im so happy for you!! ive been wanting to hear the details and hopefully ill hear more when we talk! i hope you got my message! im thrilled! i wish i lived there so i could come over and meet the little guy. i told natalie i was jealous she got to! love you ALL! =) xoxo,m

Mama Matteo said...

great pics, great stories, great details!!! happy one week rhys. your mommy and daddy love you very much, and so do so many others; the matteos especially :).

Kelley Brown said...

Congrats!!! I love that last picture of you and Rhys asleep. So sweet!!! I am so sorry for the tough delivery and recovery, but I know you're enjoying every moment now. :)

Dana and Chris Sheheane said...

Hey Sweet Shireen!! I am so so sorry to hear about the labor part. I can feel your pain with the three hour pushing. I'm just sorry you had the c-section on top of that. I hope you are feeling a little better every day. I would love to come see you once you are up for some visitors!! love ya, dana