Wednesday, January 21, 2009

39-Week Update

Well, Russell and I went to our 39-week dr's appointment yesterday, and we were encouraged to hear that I've progressed. Dr. Sparks seemed delighted! He did say that we're about 1.5 cm dilated but that that doesn't mean much...I could go into labor any time. He said that all we're waiting for now is for me to go into labor! So, we're praying that I'll go into labor now! I've not had one contraction. So, we're still just in waiting mode.

We praise the Lord that Rhys is measuring perfectly and that I am feeling absolutely wonderful! No back pain, no sciatic symptoms! Yay!! I'm officially staying home from work since I'm due this Sunday, and I just want to be home. I woke up late this morning, did my Bible study and then felt compelled to clean house, so I did! More nesting!! :)

More good news...we are officially scheduled to be induced next Wednesday, January 28th! So, Lord willing, by this time next week, we'll have a baby in our hands and no longer in my tummy! :)

Still praying for Rhys to come naturally and NOW :) but it's a relief to know that he should be here by this time next week regardless.


Darby said...

Shireen! Yay! THanks for the update! I'll be praying for Rhys to come soon and naturally. Be encouraged that you don't have to have contractions before you go into labor! Also... 1.5 cm is GREAT!!!! I will be praying for your time at home these next few days! I love you and absoultely cannot wait for you to hold Rhys in your arms!! And I'm praising the Lord for no BACK PAIN!!! Wooo hooo!

The Morrows said...

hey Shireen- thanks for your sweet comment on our blog- you definitely have the gift of encouragement! i'm glad you are feeling so well and will be able to enjoy every minute until sweet baby Rhys gets here. praying with you for the baby to come on his own in the Lord's timing! you're doing great!

Mama Matteo said...

RHYS.... we're ready for YOU! come on out! hang in there friend and i will definitely be praying for Rhys to come out on his own before next wed. love ya and can't wait to see and hold that sweet boy!

Missy said...

great news! exactly one month from the wedding date! so fun! im praying for a safe delivery and the Lord's timing-which is always perfect! love you!

Todd, Kristie and Sierra Mitchell said...

Can I be the first to say CONGRATS!!!! We love you guys! I'm so glad Rhys is here!

Dave and Carrie Tyson said...

Congratulations and a HUGE Praise the Lord for your new baby boy! We are so excited we get to see Rhys before we move to Hawaii. We love you and continue to pray with you and for you all. God bless you! MUAH!

JOY. said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Shireen, Russell, and Rhys! And a special welcome to you, Baby!

Can't wait to see the pics. Much love--

The Amato's said...

Congrats!!!! We are so excited for ya'll !!!
Can't wait to meet your sweet boy!

Give him a kiss from us & tell him we love him!!!
We'll be praying for you.

Sarah, Ryan & Audrey

Kathryn said...

Welcome, baby Rhys! You have many out here that have been praying for you & your mom & dad, and who already love you so much! We're glad you're here!!
Shireen- if i had read your blog yesterday I would have told you that baby was about to come- I dialated just 1 cm and went into a cleaning spell right before GA came! ;)
love you all! the Hipps