Thursday, January 29, 2009

Home Sweet Home and Rhys Meets More Family & Friends!!!

Upon arriving home from the hospital this Sunday afternoon, we were welcomed with balloons on our mailbox and this sweet sign on our door front for Rhys! Ryan, Jenn and the boys surprised us with this sweet homecoming!! How fun!! Jenn also prepared yummy potato soup, zucchini bread, amazing granola bars (for which I've begged her to email me the recipe, and I may just have to post it on our blog!), and I know I'm leaving out so much more that they've done! We appreciate their encouragement as we enter this new season of life!

They came to visit this afternoon!
Ryan holding Rhys.Jenn helping Rollins to some yummy crackers, and (below) I'm marveling over Christian as he starts to roll over!
Yesterday, Jennifer, Reilly & Connor came to check out the new little bundle.
Papa Wright holds our little man as he sports the "camo" attire, and (below) Grandmom Wright gets to feed Rhys!
Aunt Soraya visits yet again! Rhys sure loves his Aunt Soraya! We can't get enough of her!!A couple of nights ago, Poppa Pete brought Yaya :) to meet the new addition!
Earlier that same day, Ashley and Nathan came over for a good time out in the sunny, 70-degree outdoors! We first went for a good walk (my first exercise walk since surgery!!), then, we took our lawn chairs out to the patio and soaked in some sun rays!!! The beauty of the day and the visit filled my heart after days of sitting and laying around!! "Thank you for coming, Ashley!!!"Ashley holding Nathan; I'm holding Rhys (below).Claudia (Russell's mom) was more than available to cuddle with her new grandson! :)Ashley had to have some Rhys time, too! Rhys loves his Aunt Ashley and his buddy Nathan!!Our boys side-by-side.

Russell and I are so thankful for all the visitors who have come, loved on us and helped break up our days!! "Thank you all, and we love you and appreciate each of you with all of our hearts!"

P.S. Darby, more Rhys pics to follow in my next post! ;)


Darby said...

Oh Shireen... You LOOK AWESOME! How wonderful to get outside and get some Vita D! Yay... and I can see that sweet face much better in these pictures... I think his hair might even be light... I see it's not dark dark dark. What a little angel. So glad to see the Ashley, Soraya, and Jenn are taking such good care of you! Please consider yourself hugged from me!!! Love you my friend!!

The Arroyo Team said...

Shireen & Russell, I'm just now getting to see your handsome fellow; he is precious! Rhys getting a sun bath is beautiful. You both look so natural with a baby. I was shocked at the comparitive photo of Rhys & Nathan; I forget so quickly how fast they grow.

I look forward to meeting Rhys in person soon. love you all!