Saturday, January 3, 2009

Holiday Get-Togethers Continue into 2009...

More fun times with lots of great friends and family this week...Above, lunch with Sarah Dunn & Sarah Gamble at yummy Surin West this Tuesday.
Below, New Year's Day lunch with my family...guess which one is me...yep, you got it...the one with the baby in her belly! :)Then, our sweet church threw us a baby book shower for Rhys this morning! We got some great books for him...Dr. Seuss, Beatrix Potter, trucks and automobiles and some other great things!Lauren Brooks and her two oldest daughters, Natalie (left) & Caroline (right).
Emily Whitty & Ashley Johnson.

Above, Jenn deVilleneuve & Melissa Richie.
Below, Christen Sloderbeck, Sarah Dunn & Amanda Blake Coile.
Then, this afternoon, a co-worker and friend of mine, Cindy came to visit with her sweet little girl, Claire. Cindy is a programmer, and she works on a computer at home all day, in between raising this little angel...Claire obviously wants to be just like Mommy when she grows up because she kept looking up at Russell's laptop and would put her little fingers on the keyboard and pretend to type. "She's a little sponge, Cindy!! She's clearly learning from you!! There's some good accountability in that, huh????" :)Claire is so cute and into everything, but very gracefully so! :) She had to try out Rhys' new pack 'n play, and I think she gave it her "Claire Stamp of Approval!" :)

Less mobile these days, due to the aches and pains of sciatica, I'm SO thankful for the good fellowship opportunities that the Lord has graciously poured out over us! Last night, I was about to go stir crazy, and I told Russell around 5:00, "We need to get together with someone!! I'm so bored!" So, I texted our neighbors, and Aryvia & Kate were SO nice to let us come over with our Joker board and play a couple of games before they moved to their sofa to watch the Sugar Bowl. Tonight, we have another set of neighbors coming over to play! Ha!!

Happy New Year!!!


Lindsey said...

Books are just the best gifts ever! I recommend you read "The Read Aloud Hanbook" by Jim Trelease. I actually did a whole post on it a while back.
Happy New Year!

Darby said...

Shireen! I love all the books! What a blessing. I've been praying for you, I hope you have had some relief this weekend! It looks like you are making the most of it! I love you!!!