Saturday, August 23, 2008

Welcome, Nathan Mack Matteo!!

You have been prayed over and long awaited by your mommy, daddy and so many others, like me, your Aunt Shireen! :) I was so excited to meet you on your birthdate...and a cool date it is...8/18/08! You're a cutie and very handsome!! I got to hold you for about 30 minutes, and I delighted in every second! Man, I so didn't want to put you down! I could've stayed in the hospital room all night long with you guys!
Mama Ashley, looking absolutely beautiful after a long day of labor, holding her little prize, Nathan. :)

Nathan's features are perfect! I especially love his little mouth! I think he gets it from Mama! :)

I'm still in such awe of my best friend having her baby! "Way to go, Ashley! As you well know ;), I am so proud of you! I love you guys!!"

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Mama Matteo said...

thanks for your encouragement and all the love you have given to me, dan, and little nathan already. the pics are great.