Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friends = Family

Happy Birthday, Jenn!
I know it was last week (August 13th), but we finally got to have birthday dessert with you, so we've officially celebrated with you!! ;) YEAH!! You look amazing, being due in less than a month! We are very excited, looking forward to meeting 'Deuce' (Baby deVilleneuve #2) and finding out his 'real' name!!
Jenn models her birthday dessert (I made her do it! :))...I made something like an icecream pie, layering Kahlua-soaked chocolate chip cookies, coffee ice cream, chocolate shavings and whipping cream in a Pyrex dish. It was very rich and very yummy. Jenn seemed to enjoy it, which pleased me! All of us girlies on Friday night...Jenn deVilleneuve, Laura Broom and Kathryn Hipp holding sweet Georgia Kate in her arms and Baby Hipp #2 (due in December!!) in her tummy! :)
Georgia Kate showing us how to play the 'peek-a-boo' game. No one could be cuter!While we girls chatted the night away...mostly about babies...since three of us are expecting, all of our husbands moved their 'party' outside under the Jeep! Dave Broom & Russell work together to loosen a stubborn pinion (I'm learning a little about the parts, but I will draw the line! Wouldn't want to know too much!! :))
Ryan deVilleneuve & Larry Hipp installed the ring on the carrier. The guys worked on the Jeep until a little past 9:00 when one of our townhouse neighbors kindly reminded us that we need to keep all the banging and noise to a minimum past 9:00. :)
We all had a great evening together...dinner, fellowship, girl time, guy really can't beat that! My heart was so full at the end of the evening, as I, again, see our Lord's love for us in how HE fulfills our needs through good friendships!

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