Sunday, August 24, 2008

Meeting Little Wells Sheheane!!

Seems like all of my girlfriends are either expecting or have just had babies! It's an exciting time and season of life!!
Speaking of new mommies, I got to go visit with Dana Sheheane and her new little one yesterday! Dana and I met at Mountain Brook Community Church and have been friends and walking buddies since. I wish we could spend more time together. She and Chris live less than 3 minutes away, so we have no excuse, except that life is just so busy. "Dana, let's get back to our walks when you're ready! At least once a month!" Gosh, it was so good for my heart to have that time with Dana and Wells. I enjoyed catching up, sharing, listening to her experience of pregnancy, labor and all the fun stuff I'm about to go through!! :) The time with Dana was sooo good for my heart. There really is truth to girls needing GIRL TIME! :) "Thank you for letting me come and visit, sweet Dana!!" :)
I snapped a quick shot of myself and Dana. Gotta love those "up-close-and-personal" shots! "Dana, YOU look AMAZING!"Dana and Chris just had their first...a little boy, named Wells. Wells is three weeks old (born August 4th), and he is such a sweet bundle of warmth and joy! I got to hold him for at least 30 minutes and loved every second! He's such a peaceful and content babe!
And he really does look like Daddy. :) Look at those perfect little features. "Wells, you are a sweet little miracle. I know that Mommy and Daddy look forward to raising you up to know and love the Lord, your Creator!! Having prayed for you this last year, I am blessed to finally meet you!! Love you guys!!"

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Dana and Chris Sheheane said...

Shireen, you are the sweetest!! I needed that time as much or more than you me! I loved every second. We'll definitely get back to walking when we can get out!! Our time was such a blessing. love you! Dana