Saturday, August 16, 2008

Diaper Cakes

A local mommy puts these cute diaper cakes together for only $35! That's about what the diapers cost! There are over 50 diapers included in this 3-tiered 'cake,' which makes this gift SO worth the investment for mommy-to-be! April Leonard is the local mommy artist :), and she will personalize the cake with names, themes, etc. I just got this puppy-theme diaper cake for Katie Murphy's baby shower, which was today! She loved it!! Her nursery theme is puppies, so this was perfect. Gosh, I feel so good to have supported a local mommy in her efforts, as well! What a great gift all-around!

I highly encourage you to check out April's site and get your next baby shower gift from her! She'll meet you anywhere!


Mama Matteo said...

hey girl
the diaper cake was very cute and such a fun item for katie to enjoy for a while. i also wanted to tell you that i think you and lea did a great job hosting the shower and i know katie felt celebrated and had fun. you're a great friend and praise the LORD for all the details! i also thank you for always being so encouraging to me during my pregnancy.
love ya

Chelle said...

Hey Little Mommy, I have to tell you I love this diaper cake. I just went to the web link and send them an email asking them if they could ship these diaper cakes. I have a shower to do to and would love to give this as a gift. Thanks for sharing this with everyone! What a great idea! Love you lots! Chelle

Cindy said...

That diaper cake is very cute. It's an awesome gift idea -- we used every one of the diapers from ours when we brought Claire home.