Saturday, August 30, 2008

18 Week Rhys in Mommy's Womb! :)

Rhys is growing alright, and Mommy feels great! I had my first conversation with Rhys yesterday, as I was driving home from the grocery store. It went something like this..."Rhys, Mommy loves you. The Lord loves you! Daddy loves you! Gosh, I'm a Mommy! You're going to be my first baby! Wow!" I got kind of teary eyed by this point. It was just a sweet moment between Mommy and son.

I felt him kicking for the first time on Wednesday! It was about 5am, and I was reading my Bible study for the day out of Isaiah 1. What sweet and perfect timing! I so wanted to share with Russell that experience of feeling Rhys kick! Thursday morning, I slept in, and about 6:30, I felt the little kicks again! I quickly told Russell, so he put his hand on my tummy and felt three little kicks for himself! Yeah!! "Thank you, Lord!!" What an amazing and sweet experience!

"Keep growing, little guy! Daddy and Mommy continue to pray for your spiritual and physical well-being, as we look forward to meeting you this coming winter!! We love you very much!"


Darby said...

Nothin' sweeter than baby kicks in a mommy's tummy! I actually miss them once their out. It feels little lonely to occupy your body by yourself after sharing it for 10 months!! So glad he's kicking and so glad Russell got to feel too!! Yay!!

The Amato's said...

I am so glad you found me from Jenn's blog, I have read yours often but havent figured the whole blogging thing out to link you on mine yet. I am so excited that ya'll are having a boy & that all is well with the pregnancy. You look great! Ryan & I had to laugh at Russ' blog about the fears of having a girl bc he is living it right now :)
Its so exciting when you start to feel him move inside you too... for months I would tell ryan to feel my belly & as soon as he would get his hands on me, she would stop moving (another way you know for sure its a girl)
have you started playing music for him yet? ryan & I have a ton of childrens classical that would stimulate Audrey to get moving for us too.
keep in touch, let us know how everything is going & i will be checking your page
love ya girl, thanks for the sweet note!