Thursday, June 19, 2008

Russell's Turn - Secrets Revealed

Well, Shireen has given me an opportunity to blog...or told me I had to. I'm not sure which.

Do you know how some people just can not keep a secret? My lovely wife tends to be one of those people. Of course I wouldn't dare complain! She simply loves to communicate. That's who she is and I love her! I must confess, we did agree that she could share with whomever she wished. But she told me she wanted to wait. Then a couple hours later she has shared with the world, or at least her study group. So, to make it official: we are expecting...a child, for those that are as dense as I am.

Here's how it happened. Actually, most of you probably comprehend the how. So let me re-phrase, let me share our experience.

Mid May we became suspicious about the potential addition to the family. I bought a home pregnancy test. Basically, if it shows one line you're not pregnant, two lines you are. Well, ours showed one bold, solid line and then a very faint tiny little thin line. I figured it was a cheap test and would have had two BOLD lines if it were positive. So we went with the idea that we weren't. Then this month the suspicions were even stronger. On Monday we retested using the same type of test and got the same type of results.

At this point I was confident that I had misread the results from the first two tests and that we had probably conceived in early May. But I played it off as if I still thought we were not pregnant. I simply didn't want to get our hopes up. (Yes, we started trying in April and are very excited)

So, I went to the drug store and picked up a digital, idiot proof pregnancy test. It came back with a "YES+". YEAH!!!! Shireen screamed loud enough that I just knew the neighbors would be calling the police.

When the police showed up....just kidding. She was able to get an appointment with her doctor on Tuesday. We requested an ultrasound and the doctor determined that we were 6 weeks and 5 days along. Making today, Thursday, the beginning of week 7. That gives us an approximate due date of February 5th!

That means that Sunday was my first Father's Day! Shireen went out and got me a card and goodies. Thanks Honey.

We know that many people wait until weeks 10 or 12 before they start sharing the news. But we figure that our friends and family should experience this with us. We ask for your sincere prayers. We desire a healthy baby, a pleasant pregnancy for the new mother, and a dream come true happily ever after. But we also realize that we live in a turbulent world. So, we ask that you intercede on our behalf. Request that God Almighty watch over this child and mother. That He protects them both from harm, and allows for the safe delivery of a healthy child. We desire that the child comes to an early understanding and acceptance of Jesus Christ's sacrifice for him/her and chooses to walk in an intimate personal relationship with Him.

Also, pray that I listen carefully and obediently to the Holy Spirit. Our future has a ton of issues on the horizon. It is even more critical now that I be ever vigilant. Thank you!

Here's the first picture of our new addition to the Wright family. He/She is very tiny right now. We'll be excited to share more in coming weeks.


Darby said...

Wooo hooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited for y'all!!! I was wondering what kind of secrets Russell was going to reveal and I simply can't think of a better secret! One minor detail... when is the baby due!? Shireen, are you feeling good!? I hope so! I'll be praying for y'all and for your precious child! What a blessing he/she is from the Lord!!!! I'm assuming with all that you've been up to {biking, eating, going, going, going} that you're still feeling pretty good! What a blessing that is too! We are thrilled for y'all and I'll be praying for your little one. Y'all will be great parents!!

Melissa said...

Yay!! I am very, very excited for you two as you being this wonderful journey. I can remember finding out about this time last year that we were expecting Vale - it was the craziest, most overwhelmingly joyful experience.

We'll be praying! Can't wait to see you guys on Sunday.


Shireen said...

WOW! What a great blog! I'm impressed, Hun! Maybe you need to take over for me! :)


Angie Davis said...

Congratulations! We are so happy for you guys!

Kathryn said...

SO EXCITED FOR YOU BOTH!!! You will be wonderful parents and we are honored to pray for your beautiful child in the coming months- and for mommy to feel good! Love you!- the Hipps

Cindy said...


Michelle said...

Yeah! Praise God! I have already prayed for you and will con't to. May God take care of you and the baby. love you! Michelle

Anonymous said...

Darby, Thanks for asking. We are due February 5th. That may change slightly at our next visit. Also, I went back and revised the post to include the due date. Thanks! -Russell

a. said...

Let's celebrate!! Congratulations to you both.

natalie said...

SO EXCITED for you two... or should i say 3!!! You are going to be wonderful parents. I am praying for all of you.

Love you!

Todd, Kristie and Sierra Mitchell said...

I love you guys and am so excited for you both.

Dan & Mae said...

congrats! YAY that is sooooo exciting :)

Eleanor said...

Shireen!!! I am SO excited for you and Russell!!! You will be a wonderful Mommy - such an encourager!!! I will be praying for you!

The deVilleneuve's said...

Yay!!! I can't believe it has taken me this long to leave a comment, but we are so so so excited for you guys and to walk through pregnancy and parenting together! We are praying for you and know you will love and be blessed in so many ways by parenthood! We love ya'll. jenn and ryan