Friday, June 20, 2008

Cravings Alert!!

It's been fun to know we're pregnant! We are truly praising the Lord, looking ahead to some fun life changes!!

Gosh, in the last several weeks, I've been experiencing all these weird differences in taste and behavior that I didn't know how to explain!! SO tired in the afternoons, crazy cravings, totally NOT even wanting to look at a salad (which, if you know me, I typically crave!), emotional ups & downs (but I think I'm actually always like that...I'm a, that's my prerogative ;) ). On the other hand, I did a mini-triathlon pregnant! In fact, that's one of the first things I exclaimed to Russell and the Dr. at our first appointment! :) So, it's been weird stuff, but still fun!

Russell just kept comforting me these last several weeks, but also playing it so cool. When the first pregnancy test showed one solid line and a very faint line five weeks ago, I knew we were pregnant! I knew it because of all these little signs!! I just kept praying that the Lord would help me to not focus on it, in order to guard my and Russell's hearts (thanks for that encouragement and for praying that with me, Ashley!). Then, this passed Monday, when we used the same pregnancy test and got the same result, I was not convinced it was, not pregnant. I asked Russell to pick up a better quality test, he did, we tried it, and sure enough...POSITIVO! :)

If you read Russell's post below, you know my reaction: loud screams of elation and joy!

So far, at 7 weeks, I really don't have much of an appetite. I used to snack all day long, but I don't even want to look at the snacks and foods in our pantry, in my drawers at work, in our fridge...YUCK! Too healthy! Too something...just not quite right. Yesterday, I pulled into Sonic at 7:30am and ordered the Route 44 Cherry Limeade, downing it within the hour, eating all three limes and chewing on the ice throughout the morning. I was able to force down some cottage cheese and saltines. For lunch, Russell brought me a Chick-fil-A icedream cup and a chargrilled chicken sandwich...I wasn't the least bit interested in the sandwich. The icecream was gone in 3 minutes or less! I think I just had homemade muffins through the night. :)

Today, pink lemonade and a muffin with strawberry jelly for breakfast around 8:00. Then, around 12:00, my stomach was churning and needing some lunch. I got in the car, and I just prayed, "Lord, what do I crave right now?" He led me to Zoe's for their chicken salad sandwich on 7-grain, fruit cup and Baked Lays. Typically, I can only eat half of that meal, but today I ate the whole darn thing!! YUM! I now sit here sucking on Now & Later candies...something about that bitter and sour taste that satisfies me!

Wonder what's next! :) I think we'll start with a Sonic Route 44 Blackberry Tea somewhere in the 2:00's 1/2-price between 2p & 4p!

Happy Friday, friends!!


Dave and Carrie Tyson said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!! We are so excited for you both. I've been trying to call you but it goes straight to your voice mail. I know I'm in Oklahoma, but if there is anything I can do, please let me know. I can make you some cakes, brownies, cookies, etc. Maybe that's what you are craving. =)
I miss you tons and can't wait to meet your beloved child. I love you and we will be praying for you guys hard core. What a blessing indeed. God bless you! MUAH!

erika said...

Congratulations!!! My eyes filled up with tears reading the post sharing the good news! I don't even know yall... but I will be praying for a healthy pregnancy!!!

Cindy said...

That's funny about your food cravings. Maybe since you are craving sweet things you are having a boy? Angie Davis said she craved sweets when she was pregnant with Charlie. When I was pregnant with Claire I craved spicy foods like nachos and Mexican. But everyone is different, so who knows? :-)

I'm so excited for y'all! You're going to be GREAT parents.

Angie Davis said...

yes, you are pregnant! so funny how the things you once love, now you hate, and the things you used to not care for you now crave! wish i could bring you some muffins. as cindy said, yes, i wanted sweets with charlie. now i don't care for them, just want "real" food all the time, and spicy is good! wish we could pig out together!

Shannon and Clint said...

I am so excited for ya'll! I will be praying for you and this precious little baby :)