Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Sweet Husband...

I could just go on and on about how my wonderful husband has cared for me and served me in our marriage of these last amazing 10 months! "Thank you-Thank you-Thank you, Honey!!!"

And it's only gotten better since I've been pregnant! :) Russell makes sure I'm well fed with proper nutrition (MEAT!) for both myself and our baby, that I'm drinking enough water, that I'm getting my exercise and rest, and that I'm doing well spiritually and emotionally. He frequently asks me, "How's your heart doing, Honey?" through all these interesting pregnancy-induced changes (great terminology, Angie! ;)).

And I must mention all the help around our house...I get home yesterday from work, and the kitchen is spotless and faintly smelling of cleansers. I was SUPER delighted!! I wish I'd taken a picture of the mess I'd left that morning as I headed out to work! The dishwasher had been full of clean dishes, which I didn't have time to empty, so I'd left a pile of DIRTY, GREASY dishes in the sink. He cleaned everything before I got home so that I wouldn't have to worry with it. Then, he went with me to the grocery store, which he normally avoids like the plague!

And, girls, last but not least, that which speaks to my heart...two things: 1-He asked if I'd come home, rather than go to the gym this Monday afternoon so that we could go for a walk together. I thought I'd lost my mind! I came on home, and we SPEED walked for about 50 minutes in the baking sunshine! That was the biggest motivation for my heart because I really wanted company during my workout that day. Russell hates being hot, and he's NOT a fan of 'exercising,' so he won some MAJOR brownie points that day! 2-He just brought me these....
Although gifts are generally not my love language, the thought behind the flowers meant a ton! He made the effort to pick up lunch and flowers and bring them to me to work today.

He's just a sensitive, compassionate man, and he's a super-excited daddy! :)

We're 8 weeks today, by the way!! We're very excited!!


Cindy said...

How sweet! And happy 8 weeks!

Kelley Brown said...

Shireen!!!!!! Oh my gosh! I just saw that you're pregnant...congrats!!! I wish I had known on Saturday when I saw you at the shower! Carter's due date was Feb.4th. I am so excited for you and can't wait to tell Scott! :)