Monday, June 9, 2008

Befarman! - "Welcome!" in Farsi

Redeemer Community Church plans to periodically have international dinners, just after our Sunday evening services, in which we will focus on a specific country or world region. This is a hands-on opportunity, through which God will broaden our perspective, hearts and knowledge! Last night, we focused on Iran and Afghanistan. My dad is from Iran, so I enjoyed getting this menu together, and the best part was that everyone pitched in, so I didn't have to do too much cooking!! :) We all had fun!

A platter combination of fresh mint leaves, green onions, radishes, French Feta cheese, lots of pita bread, walnuts and plain yogurt
Saffron Steamed Basmati Rice; Dill Steamed Basmati Rice; Bourani (eggplant side dish); Ghormeh Sabzi; Kabab-e Koobideh (ground beef kabab); Joojeh Kebab (chicken kabab)
Persian Ice Cream
Dugh (Sparkling Yogurt Drink), water and soft drinks

I was SO impressed with everyone's cooking skills and presentation of foods!! Way to go, all! Since I grew up eating Persain food every day, for at least the first 20 years of my life, I like to say that I know Persian food tastes pretty well. Stephanie & James, your Ghormeh Sabzi was PERFECT!! Reminded me of my Mama's!! ;) I wanted more, but I was too tired to get up and get it. Elaine, your kababs tasted exactly like the ones I've eaten in Iran! Seriously!! And it's the only dish Russell liked...he's not a fan of Middle Eastern foods, so two thumbs up there, girl! :) Sarah, I enjoyed grilling our 8 lb batch of kababs on Saturday night!! :)

Sarah, the sous chef, forming the kabab patties.

I did the grilling! It was HOT!

Now, that's a LOT of meat...actually, 8 lbs!

Back to the menu...Emily Whitty, Sharon and whoever else helped with the Joojeh Kabab, thank you!! It was beautiful, tastey, and I appreciated that it was cut up into bite-sized pieces!! Ashley, I'm sorry I didn't get to try the ice cream! :( I was busy talking and forgot about it! I'm sure it was yummilicious!!

A big thanks to everyone for making last night a special evening of fellowship over some yummy, authentic Persian and Afghani cusines! And a special thanks to Sam & Emily Hawes for sharing more about the countries of the middle eastern region and for leading us in an intentional time of prayer over what God is doing in that area of the world. What a delightful, blessed evening! It will be fun to try other cuisines of the world in the coming months!

I'm sorry to not have more pics to share of the beautiful spread of foods! By the time I got to church last night with my dishes, I was too exhausted and settled in a chair to walk back down to my car for my camera...sad! Well, someone else was snapping away with a camera, so I hope to come back and post pics very soon! Stay tuned!!


Missy said...

fun cooking and a special yeah for the rice!!! i will always love it! =)

roia said...

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