Monday, June 9, 2008

The Good Things in Life...

From a previous post, you can read the preview of my schedule for this last Saturday.

From a 'post view,' I was pretty much right on schedule all day long!

Russell did leave early...I'd say, "bright and early," but I'm not sure that the sun was even out when he left at 4:45! I pulled myself out of bed, had my coffee and a great time with the Lord in my journal, then, just a few hours later was enjoying a great hike with Heidi and her sweet son, Isaiah! We hiked a good 7 or 8 miles, got a little turned around (ie, LOST! :)), but we came out of the woods just fine, and I'll tell you what...Isaiah is a TROOPER! He's only 6 months old, and he lasted all 3.5 hours, most of the time on Heidi's back in the coolest backpack papoose! His head just bobbed all around, while he went from napping to making the sweetest cooing sounds to playing with Mommy's hair! SOOOOO sweet! We thoroughly enjoyed our time together!
Heidi & Isaiah. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of him in the cool papoose!! There'll have to be a next time!

I even squeezed some time in with my Granny! We went out for coffee and grandmother-granddaughter time, and we had fun!

One of Granny's and my favorite past breaks with a good girlfriend! ;)

Kathryn, Jenn, the picture of this Petunia is for you! Remember the cute party favors Kathryn gave away at Georgia's 1-year-old birthday party? This is the one I got! I re-potted it (with its one or two baby blooms) and gave it to Granny, knowing it would not survive at our home because we get too much sun outside and not enough inside.

I'd say, Granny's got a green thumb! :) Granny says it has a dozen blooms, but there may be more!

The evening was fun, too, as Sarah Dunn came over, and we prepared and grilled 8 lbs of ground beef kababs for our Sunday night Persian feast and then prepared our girlie dinner of Couscous Tabbouleh (we used Couscous, rather than Quinoa...I went to 3 grocery stores, and finally had to resort to a substitute!).

Then, a new friend, G, short for Gaukhar, who Sarah and I met on a golf course a few weeks ago, came over to join us for dinner and a start to getting to know each other. We had a fun, fulfilling evening together!

G & I

After such a great day, the cup of my heart is overflowing! I am thankful, for which I do praise our Lord!


Darby said...

what a wonderful and fufilling weekend!!! i think i'd pass out hiking with isaiah... what a trooper his mom is and what a trooper he is for hanging in there for such a long hike! glad to hear what a wonderful weekend (and on schedule) you had!!

Kathryn said...

What a fun and full weekend! The petunia is beautiful and growing so big- like the birthday girl it celebrated! :)

Angie Davis said...

fyi, i've found quinoa at whole foods, and nabeels market in homewood. :)