Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ringin' in 2008 in North Carolina!!

Russell and I were invited to North Carolina to ring in the New Year!
Michelle, Russell's cousin, and very much one of my best girlfriends and prayer partners, is married to Keith, and they have two children, Emily and Kevin.
Emily's "Sweet 16" birthday party was New Year's Eve night, starting at 9:00pm, with a house full of teenagers showing up for food and entertainment, and the party still going strong at 2:00am! We were actually very impressed with the level of maturity of Em's friends, but we must admit, Emily's an especially diligent and honorable young lady! I wish I'd thought to take pictures of the party! This is sweet Emily...
Kevin had just celebrated his 11th birthday in early December! So, Russell and I got him a bow and arrow! He was so excited! He immediately wanted to go practice! Russell was so patient! I snapped some quick shots then ran to the car for cover! Not from the arrows...from the WIND! I was freezing out there! So, we girlies...Emily, Michelle and I took refuge in the car under the sun. Kevin was our entertainment...Doesn't he look so great! Now, you may have noticed Russell in his military dress uniform above. Kevin and Michelle requested that we come up to visit early enough to make it to church on Sunday morning. Their church was recognizing military servicemen. This was my first time to get to see Russell all decked out like this! Wow! What an honor to stand by my man!

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