Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007 Stories - Tell, tell!!

Let's all share our Christmas 2007 stories!!
Okay, me first!! :) Russell and I hit the road on the Thursday before Christmas, as scheduled, at 2:00pm, taking a half day off from work, coming home to pack and pushing to beat rush-hour traffic. Four hours into our trip to Louisiana, we get to Jackson, MS, and his parents decide to call us to let us know - long story short :) - everyone's sick! Too sick to do Christmas?!?!?! Sad!
So, we turned around and came back home! We got home about 10:30pm, exhausted, disappointed and really trying to be positive about the whole thing. I was sorry that his family was all sick, and I really wanted to see the Lord's plan in all of this. Sometimes, we just don't "get" His plans! :)
Well, Christmas was definitely the Lord's planning and timing, and Russell and I learned some great lessons about God's ways not being our ways, along with lessons about how we each handled or could better handle certain circumstances in the future. :)
Christmas weekend was incredibly LONG and quite boring at times (okay, a lot!). I am not a complainer, so forgive me! :) Just speaking from my heart.
We did get to spend a fun evening with the deVilleneuve's, Ryan's parents and the Broom's ("Thanks, guys! Y'all are the best! Always an open home!") and got to eat some yummy Jim 'N Nick's, my favorite!!
Christmas Eve, I got a head cold :) (sniffle-sniffle). We did get to go to the Wright's and Forbes' here in town for Christmas brunch, which was fun and yummy, but I was so loopy from my meds that I was hardly there! :) I went to the bathroom, while at their home, and I discovered that I wasn't wearing any undies! :) Ha! Ha! Well, I was wearing long underwear, so that sufficed! :) A day later, I'm weening myself off the meds, now, and I'm starting to feel normal again.
God is good, and, Lord willing, we'll get have 'do-over' Christmas with Russell's family at the end of January.
Okay, your turn! Respond with your Christmas 2007 story...I want details! :)


The deVilleneuve's said...

Ok, I have no Christmas story to top being caught without underwear by surprise! That is hilarious!

a. said...

Well, we had a relatively quiet Christmas, but when you live with 4 boys, that's a good thing! Saturday before Christmas, we left for our traditional spot- The Smokies. We hiked on Christmas day, got caught in a sleet storm, which completely drinched us, without our knowing, and roasted hot dogs on the back of Walter's truck's platform, in 38' weather. It was a great memory, not soon to be forgotten. Over the week our family probably consumed not less than 4 gallons of hot chocolate!

The hightlight was seeing THE MIRACLE in Pigeon Forge on Christmas Eve night. What a testimony of our Savior's love! During the crucifixcion scene I was worried about 5 year-old Levi's response, and was preparing to put him in my lap. I looked down to see a growing smile on his face. Laughingly he said, "Mom, those bad guys don't know that they are doing a good thing. Jesus came to die and pay for our sins!" Ode to a child! and the joy of a quiet Christmas.