Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving, 2007 - My New Family

I give thanks for my new family this year!
Russell & I awoke early Thanksgiving morning (4:30!!) and drove over to West Monroe, Louisiana to spend the holiday weekend with his family. We arrived just in time to share a perfect Thanksgiving meal with the family!

"Mom, the turkey, dressing, yams, cranberry sauce, gravy, everything was absolutely delicious! Proof: You saw me indulge in left-overs for the next two or more meals!" :-)

Thanksgiving is such a sweet time to sit and visit, and that's exactly what we did! Dad knows I stay cold all the time, so he built the biggest fire, and Russell kept it stoked all weekend long! It was wonderful! We got some good, quality time with everyone...

Mom, standing in the kitchen, prepping Thanksgiving dinner!

Russell excitedly sharing his new "survival kit" with Dad.

Todd, Kristie & Little Sierra Grace

Smiles with Tami :) Aunt Sue & Mom

Bundling up before braving the windy outdoors!

21st Century version of "family time"?!?! :)
(okay, so I was blogging so that we could keep you posted!! ;))

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