Thursday, November 22, 2007

June & July, 2007 - Wedding Planning & Showers

Just ask Pete & Virginia! They’ll tell you that we initially planned for a small, family, lake-side or garden wedding. As we continued to pray through the details and genuinely seek the Lord’s plan for this blessed occasion, He made it more and more clear that it was to be a celebration to which all of our family and friends could attend! We went from planning to send out 14-15 wedding invitations to sending out 150!
Some time in June, we still did not have a place to perform the ceremony. Russell suggested the church, and I couldn’t even imagine it being available for an August wedding, only two months out! (Lack of faith on my part!) Russell called the church, and much to our surprise and delight, God was reserving that day for us! The church was available for August 25th!!
Russell and I moved on to further prayer, planning and watching. God worked out all of the details, kept us at peace, allowed us to enjoy the engagement season, and we praise Him for loving on us through so many individuals, couples and families, who went way out of their way in helping us plan this glorious celebration!
“Thank you all! We love you!”

Couples’ Shower – Ryan & Jenn threw us an all-out yummy and FUN party!

Sarah Dunn (my honorary bridesmaid) & Ashley Matteo (my matron of honor)
Sunday Afternoon Tea – Mrs. Mack, Ashley Matteo and Angela Arroyo

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