Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our First Christmas Tree!!!

Russell & I have officially put up our very first Christmas tree together!!

This is is my first live tree all-new experience for me! Watering the Christmas tree??? Huh! I'm certainly not complaining! The house smells so fresh and so clean! It's wonderful!

We bought those cute, little red, blue and gold glass balls, gathered the five other 'real' ornaments we have (so far!! :)), got all the little white lights, and a pretty little angel, turned on some Patsy Cline and went to decoratin'!

Russell patiently threaded the tree with over 100 feet of lights! Then, as I hooked each ornament, Russell diligently placed each and every single one onto the tree. Oh, the patience! I sat back drinking hot chocolate and taking pictures!

I love my husband! Now, we just need to get some presents under the tree!! Yeah! :)

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