Thursday, November 22, 2007

May 19, 2007 – Russell Proposed!

A full year had passed since our first date! All my girlfriends and I just knew the question was coming! It couldn’t be too soon! Russell and I had prayed and felt that the Lord was leading us to continue our dating relationship for a full year, which was great! We got to spend each season of the year together, learning a lot about our preferences in weather, outdoor interests, etc. Our first date was May 22, 2006, so it was time! I look back on that time, and I was really praying for patience and grace to trust the Lord’s timing!
Russell mentioned on a Monday night that he wanted us to go on a “date day hike” the coming weekend. What do you think I said??? Of course!
That Saturday, we went back to one of our first date spots, hiking to a hidden geo-cache at Oak Mountain State Park. We opened the geo-cache, read some entries since the last time we’d been there, signed our names again, and sealed it. That was it?!?! I promise, I was thinking, “Good grief! Get me out of here! This is not all that I was expecting!”
Well, Russell wanted to hit another spot before we walked back to the main trail. He pointed due west with mention of a hollowed-out tree. I saw it, so I asked if I could lead the way. I did, and I went so fast that Russell could hardly keep up. I just wanted to “knock out” this other ‘geo-cache’ and move on with our day!
I got there, and leaning into the hollow of the tree was a wine bottle with rolled-up message in it! I was shocked and could hardly think or speak. I kept trying to say, “You had to do this, Honey! But how?! When?!”
Then, I read it…

Before I knew it, Russell was on one knee, asking me, “Will you be my wife?” to which I exclaimed, “Yes!!” over and over in squeals and pitches neither of us knew my vocal chords could reach! He put the beautiful 6-prong solitaire diamond ring on my finger, we hugged, laughed, enjoyed the moments, and I delighted in knowing that I would soon be Mrs. John Russell Wright! YEAH!!!
“Thank you, reader, for letting me share and reminisce!”


Ahmed Kamel said...

Thanks for the invitation.
I wish you a very happy life.
Enjoying your posts.

a. said...

What a wonderful telling of a wonderful moment! Thanks for sharing, Shireen. You've done alot of work here.... great job!