Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our First Date! May, 2006

Russell emailed me for my phone number on May 17, 2006 (exactly 2 years after we met!), asking if he could call me some time, to take me out for dinner or coffee. Of course, I replied with my number! It seemed to take him forever - at least several days!! - to call me!! :) "Russell, I was watching my phone like a hawk those several days...I knew you'd be calling from a non-205 area code!!" ;)
Russell treated me to dinner at Village Tavern for our first date. It was a Monday evening, May 22nd, and I was nervous as could be! I had to get help from Missy and Laura on what to wear! :)

Oh what a refreshing evening we had together! Finally, a man who loves the Lord and is unashamed to share that great passion! We talked about mission trips we'd each been on, his opportunity to serve our country as a national guardsman in Afghanistan, our families and experiences as believers.
Russell and I laugh looking back at the end of that date. Russell remembers that as we were finished with our meal, he was 'signaling' the end of the evening by scooting out of his side of the booth, and my verbal response was, "That's it?!?!"
I don't really remember that, but I'm sure it's because I just wanted to keep hanging out with his great company! Ha ha! "Love you, honey!"

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