Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NEW's in our lives...

Well, we've been MIA long enough, I suppose, from the blogging world! A two-month break has been good, although I have missed 'journaling' our updates, if for no one else than for ourselves!! LOTS has been going on in the Wright world, for which we PRAISE the LORD and are truly delighting in the "new's" of our "now." 
One "new" in our lives is that we've MOVED!!! Yay!!! So, about two months ago, I was doing this....
while my precious youngens were doing this... :) Such delightful little helpers!! It was a LOT of work with two toddlers on hand, but God gave me the grace and energy and everything I needed to get started boxing up the old house! 
I haven't mentioned Russell in all the help of moving because he started a new job that requires LOTS of travel, especially that first month!! Including a week to Germany!! Wow!! So Russell's new job is another "new" in our lives, for which we are jumping up and down :) with praise and shouts of thanksgiving!!! He LOVES what he is doing, and he does enjoy the travel, too. :) We are all excited for him and for us in this new adventure!
Here's the new house! Looks cozy, huh? :) Well, it's actually come a long way! (hoping to post pics soon!)
One of the first projects Russell was able to accomplish before traveling took over :) was building a pallet to hold our yard shed and installing the shed! He did GREAT!!!
And, of course, Rhys jumped in on the action to help!! :)
Our sweet Rhys finished up one year of 'school' (school party below :)), and he and little brother just started summer school!!! I'm so excited for some time to 'nest' in our new house and home while they are having a wonderful time at school!!! It's AMAZING how much I can accomplish in 5 hours!!!! Then, they come home and nap for 2 or more hours! :) Two days like that per week will be great for all of us!! Yay!!! I am thankful for that 'new' in our lives, where BOTH boys are in school!! (Oh, and this is why I'm able to jump back into the blogging world! I have TIME to myself to organize and journal our lives, yet again, in pictures and words!! Yay!! :))
And the next big 'new' in our lives is definitely another PRAISE!!!
Here is the 9 week ultrasound pic... (so sweet!! laying on his/her :) back with the arm and foot buds upward)
We are 12.5 weeks along. I feel well. I've been nauseated this time, thankfully not to the point of throwing up, but this has been an all-new experience for me. I remember being tired during the first trimester both times before, and I am tired this time, but that yucky, nauseating feeling is new and definitely not fun. Nowadays, it hits me in the afternoons, and I just feel 'yucky' all afternoon/evening. Thankfully, I feel well in the mornings and until about 4:00pm. Hopefully, this will pass as I enter the second trimester. :)

One thing different this go around, too, is my food cravings and aversions!!! Man! When I want something, I WANT it!!!! I have craved Sonic's supersonic breakfast burrito and tater tots many times! :) McDonald's chicken nuggets and sounthwest grilled chicken salad MANY times!! Captain D's :) several times!!! I want things FRIED!!! :) Oh, and french fries are pictured in a cloud over my head ALL the time! I dream of double-battered french fries!! Ha!! Needless to say, I'm enjoying all this UNhealthy eating right now FOR the baby, right? ;) He/she is demanding it, so I must oblige! And as far as aversions, I want basically NOTHING from our kitchen! :) I haven't cooked in over a month (my poor family, and our poor budget!) because I don't want to handle or prepare food, especially raw meats. I am hoping this will change SOON!!! :) I think my family's hoping for that change, too! It truly is amazing how different pregnancies can be!! Whew!

I think that about sums up the 'new' things of our lives during this season! It's been fun to embrace it all, and we do praise the Lord for the waterfall of blessings and change in our lives! I look forward to sharing more as we continue in this adventure of life that He allows us to live! :)


Cindy said...

I've been wondering what you are up to lately. Congrats on baby #3!!! I hope you start to feel better soon (I was SO SICK with both my kids, but especially with Ben). And I hope you get settled into your new house, and also get to rest some while the boys are in school. That's great that Russell likes his new job.

Tracey said...

Congrats on all the New...especially the new baby! Are you all still in the area? i look forward to reading more updates!!

Natalie said...

Shireen! Congrats on all of the news! Where are y'all living now? Keep updating!