Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rhys: 3 Yrs, 5 mo

This is our big man!!! He really is growing up so fast!! I LOVE it, but I want to enjoy each and every minute I get with him!! He's napping right now, and I miss him!!! He's just so SWEET, so thoughtful, so inquisitive, so curious, so SMART!! He's a great source of accountability!! Wow! :) And he's such a compassionate, tender-hearted young man, out to please his mama and daddy in all that he does (well, mostly all! :)), and such a thoughtful and caring big brother for Caleb and already for coming baby. God has blessed my heart tremendously in allowing me to be this guy's mommy!!!

When we moved, we needed to upgrade to a larger washer and dryer (which we LOVE!!!), and he likes to sit on the top of the washing machine and watch it fill up with water and spin the clothes around...makes my head spin to watch, but I stand close by in case he gets dizzy (like I would!) and falls off! :) He's just a curious one, who likes to watch and learn!!
A new favorite is catching lizards!! (I used to be able to do this, but I don't want to touch those things anymore...yucky!!) Rhys is brave and very quick to be able to catch those little lizards!
(eeeeeeek! Glad he doesn't get all weirded out like his mama!!)
We've started going to the pool, so I got the boys some puddle jumpers (I had NO idea what a 'puddle jumper' was until a friend recommended them, and they are's the green floating device he's wearing below :)). Rhys was so excited about it the day we bought it that he wore it all over the yard and house, playing for hours (yes, even on his 4-wheeler)! Maybe he didn't realize (at that point) it was only supposed to be worn in water! :) 
My Rhys for ya!
This picture makes him look so grown up! So big on that 4-wheeler!
And this smile makes my heart just MELT!!!! Man, he's not going to be allowed any phone privileges, much less dating when he becomes a teenager! ;) Maybe it's just because I'm his Mama, but he is such a handsome young man in my eyes!!! "Rhys, you are growing up too fast for me!!! Love you!!!"
And another FAVORITE that Rhys LOVES!!!! A bath in Mommy & Daddy's whirlpool tub! He is his mama's son! I'll put my bathing suit on, and we'll sit and play in there together for a fun, relaxing time!
Rhys, you are SO much FUN!!! I LOVE to hang out with you! You are EASY! So eager to please Mommy & Daddy and take care of everyone! God has blessed you with such a sweet, caring heart for others, and I am so thankful!! I may have to put some books on your head to make you stop growing up :) so that I can continue to enjoy this precious stage of your life...not really, son...that would not keep you from growing! I do praise the Lord for you! You are my favorite Rhys in the whole wide world!! :) I pray that you will continue to grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man (Luke 2:52) and that you will seek the LORD with ALL your heart, mind, body and soul!!! Live for HIM, big man, and you will live indeed!!! 

I love you!!
Love, Mommy

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