Saturday, April 7, 2012

Caleb - 19 & 20 months

Happy 19 & 20 months, Sweet Pea!!

Caleb, you are becoming a little boy! You are not a baby anymore!!! I LOVE watching you growand develop, learning and applying so much!!! You're talking so much, too! Mostly babble still,but you definitely use some "real" words, and you've made up words to reference other things. :)You communicate very well, sweetheart!

Everything is a phone these days! Here, you are using one of Daddy's army uniform pins (still inits package) to talk on 'the phone' :)
You LOVE to swing HIGH!!!

You got your first taste of Popsicle! :)

And you LOVE to give KISSES!!! (To Mommy & Rhys, too! :))
I praise the Lord that you LOVE you and Rhys are such great playmates!!! You boys play so well together...
Caleb, you are our fearless son!
I pray God's protection over you all the time! You are so trusting! I pray that God will call you to use all of those and many more wonderful qualities that He has given to you to glorify Himself as soon as He will!!! Daddy and I are so thankful for you and continue to praise the Lord for your life...the joy and treat you are to this family!

Happy 19 & 20 months and, God willing, many many many more to come!!!

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