Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Happy Birthday & Happy Fathers' Day Weekend!!!

This was a very special and FUN weekend!!! Pappa & Grandmom came to visit, and we got to celebrate Pappa's birthday and Father's Day with both Pappa & Daddy. :)

Our weekend of fun started Friday night with a late-evening visit (those are always the best times to catch up!). Saturday morning, we had a yummy feast of cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, sausage and mixed fruit. For lunch, we celebrated Pappa's birthday over yummy hamburgers just off the grill, potato salad, cole slaw & chips, followed by the most delicious strawberry trifle!!! Grandmom is truly amazing in the kitchen. She can 'whip up' anything we ask for! She whipped this dessert up in a matter of minutes, and we enjoyed every bite! YUM!!! "Thank you, Grandmom, for sharing this delicious dessert with us, and, thank you, Pappa, for choosing it!!" :) (I do look forward to having it again, Grandmom!!!)
 Saturday afternoon, Pappa drove us out to our local Tractor Supply Company, which was FUN for the boys! They played with toy tractors for 15 or so minutes, he bought each of them one, then Pappa spoiled us {on HIS birthday!!} to dinner at Lone Star! The men were craving steaks! :) Russell let our waitress know that we were celebrating Pappa's birthday, and a few minutes later, she and four or five other waitresses came back, clapping and singing "Happy Birthday" and presented him with a beautiful hot fudge brownie sundae dessert! It was YUMMY!!!! So, we definitely had our FILL of food that day! Whew! We ended a lovely day with two wonderful hours of our favorite game, Joker! I'm having Joker withdrawals right now!!

Grandmom really got some good time to bond with these guys over the weekend, and they were all over her in no time!
 Pappa & Daddy enjoyed some miniature clay shooting with a pellet rifle over the weekend...

 the clay targets...
What a WONDERFUL weekend, filled with lots of fun, laughter, yummy foods and great people!!!
Rhys has already said, "Pappa needs to stay at my house." It's definitely exciting around here when Pappa & Grandmom are here! 
"Thank you, Pappa & Grandmom, for coming, and pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease come again SOOOOOOOON!!!
Love, ALL of us!!! 

Happy Father's Day to my children's WONDERFUL daddy and my very best friend in the world (and in my very biased opinion, the very best daddy in the world)!!!

Happy Fathers Day to all daddy's out there!! :)

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