Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Caleb: 22 Months

Caleb!!! Our daring and determined little guy! Perfectly named! {Side story: He was supposed to be named "Wesley" until he was 19 weeks old IN my tummy, when Russell came home from a military-conference weekend away, and said, "Honey, if this child is a boy, I believe God has shown me over the weekend that his name is to be Caleb."} Thus Caleb's name and if you've studied about Caleb from the Bible, you know that he was a rough and determined man, which perfectly describes our little guy! I pray constantly that the Lord will turn our Caleb's determination to HIS glory, causing Caleb to live for Him alone!!!! What an amazing determination that will be! Amen!!!

Okay, so back to our Caleb :)... Since we've moved, if he's 'missing' from our immediate presence and things have gotten quiet in the house :), we can bank on finding him in Mommy and Daddy's bathroom, lining up our little toiletry bottles alongside the bathtub! :) He like to carry them around the house, too. Such a funny boy!
 He LOVES to take Mommy & Daddy's cup of anything! (lemonade, water, etc.), drink whatever is left, eat and play with the ice and ask for "More. More. More." :) At least he's staying well hydrated!
 He likes to wear hats! And what a cute head he has to wear them! "Caleb, you are SO darn CUTE!" :)
 And Caleb will not have any phone or dating privileges either once he becomes a teen! He will be on lock-down at home to protect him because of those gorgeous blue eyes and that beautiful face and smile! Okay, okay, well, I'll let him leave the house under strict parental supervision...on occasion! :) Oh, what are all of us parents going to do when our good-looking kiddos grow up and want to date?!??! We'll face that one with a lot of prayer and parental support, right, parents??? :)
Oh, Caleb, you are so precious, and you have my heart wrapped around your little finger (Rhys does, too, I'm afraid!). I am so excited to watch you grow and develop into the strong, determined little fellow that God has designed you to be! You are so FUN to be with and to watch! You'll start laughing at Rhys' funny little antics and you can't stop giggling! It's so cute and sweet! You call your lovie, "Beebee"....makes my heart melt when you say it. I LOVE that you are talking and using more words!!! I know you'll start talking even more now that you're going to school!!! And, lastly, I do want to tell you that I am SO THANKFUL that God has blessed our prayers toward transitioning you from all the lovies (you've gone through 8!) that you sucked on and soured, to a stuffed bunny. :) Such a little thing, but it's HUGE progress, my son! You went a few days and nights where you couldn't sleep soundly, but by God's grace, you've made the hump, and you're content with your new lovie/bunny, which you thankfully do not suck on...please do NOT attempt to suck on it or I will take it away! ;)

Son, you are a gift from our Lord, and I pray that you, too, will choose to live for our Lord!! That, indeed, is the only life worth living, and I pray that you see that through my and Daddy's lives (and mistakes!). God is our Father, our Protector, our reason for living, so I shall continue to pray that you 'get' this truth and live it out soon!!!

I love you, Caleb!!!
Love, Mommy!

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