Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thank you, Aunt Tami!!

Aunt Tami knitted Rhys his very own blanket and gave it to him during our weekend visit to LA. I still cannot get over how PERFECTLY it matches his crib-set comforter!!! She knew the colors of his nursery, but has not yet seen it personally, nor has she seen the sailboat comforter. Take a look... Amazing!!
Even included a sweet 'name tag.' :)
Says, "May you be constantly covered by the prayers of family and friends & always warmed by their love." {Makes my heart melt.}
Rhys likes it. :)
This picture is for you, Tami. ;) Sorry we didn't get one made over the weekend!!
We even used it during our little 'photoshoot' yesterday!! :)

Thank you, again, Aunt Tami!! We appreciate YOUR love and constant prayers, and we look SO forward to your visit next week!!! YAY!!! :)

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Katie said...

What a beautiful new blanky! Nice pictures of you 2 at the garden too!