Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sipsey Wilderness Hike

Russell and I just celebrated two years of marriage!! A sweet friend kept Rhys all day Saturday so that we could escape the city and head up to the Sipsey Wilderness area for a good day of hiking! We got 8 miles in, lots of good time together and out in nature, and I'm sure we'll head back out there for more hiking and camping come COOLer weather!!!

Look at the colors of this worm! Turquoise (my very favorite color!!) and terracotta- and black-colored tentacles. We were amazed at how pretty and large it is!

So, for the last week, I've been pondering over how I would cutely and romantically say, during the hike, "Hey, hun, after we're finished, we can go pick ticks off of each other!!" Being an anniversary trip, I thought that might be a cute and appropriate statement. :)

Well, little did I know we'd LITERALLY be picking ticks off of each other both on the two-hour drive home and once we got home! I promise I picked at least 30 off of myself on the ride home, probably 15 off of Russell. Once we got home, at least another 15 or so off of each of us! I was DISGUSTED on my way home...couldn't get home fast enough to get a shower! Such a romantic anniversary treat...coming home to sit on the bathroom floor with a flashlight and tweezers to pick ticks off of each other! We'll laugh this one up for the rest of our lives, but we're both still paranoid when we feel the slightest hint of movement on our skin!

A great future camping spot!! Hint, hint, Ryan, Chris...a good boys' trip! :)

Go in the winter time...less ticks, hopefully! I think I'll be turned off from wilderness hiking for a good while. Ugh.


Darby said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! What a wonderful little get away... minus the ticks! Yuck!!!

Katie said...

Do you know that country song by Brad Paisley called "Ticks"? It's quite romantic. It goes:
I'd like to see you
out in the moonlight.
I like to kiss you,
way back in the sticks.
I'd like to walk you
through fields of wild flow-ers.
I'd like to check you fer ticks! woo hoo!
You never knoooow where one might beeeee.
Seems like an appropriate song for the occasion :-)