Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nap Time?

Rhys is down to two naps per day, as of about a week ago. He naps from about 9a-11a, then again in the afternoon from 1:30 or 2 till about 3:30 or 4:00. Well, theoretically speaking, that is. :)

See below? This is what happens when little man decides to cry through his entire 2-hour afternoon nap {yes, Mommy and Daddy took turns trying to settle him every 20 or so minutes}...Daddy says Rhys must be in a 'clingy' phase because little man seems to want to be with someone these days...doesn't have to necessarily be Daddy or Mommy, just someone. So, could he be sleeping here because he was finally in the comfortable presence of his parents {and had been lonely in that big (COMFY) crib all by his little lonesome?? Bless his sweet heart <-sarcasm there :)}???
Since we're living on a concrete slab (not much longer!! new hardwoods should be installed in the next couple of weeks!! YAY!!), Russell has taken time in the last couple of evenings to work on prepping the slab for the coming hardwoods. Well, while Rhys was snoozing in the bouncer, Russell was listening to one of our new favorites, Ray LaMontagne (at a fairly good volume), while scraping (definitely not a quiet chore!) glue off of the concrete. We even called out to Rhys when we noticed that he was asleep on the bouncer, and absolutely NO response...completely out!

We let him get a few more Z's while I got prepared his yummy dinner...carrots and rice cereal. He ate a whole jar of carrots with several (maybe 4???) tablespoons of rice cereal, which resulted in....

I was scared to pick him up, for fear he might explode! So, I asked Russell to take care of him for the next little bit, while I cooked our dinner. :) Daddy is SO good...only suffered one small spit-up. Of course, a little later, right AFTER Mommy bathes him, she gets the projectile spit-up on her! :) I think we'll cut down the portion sizes...being a new Mommy and all, I just wanted to make sure I was giving my baby enough. :) Live and learn!

If interested in a little Ray LaMontagne, click here and listen to "You are the Best Thing"


Todd, Kristie and Sierra Mitchell said...

I LOVE the belly!! That is awesome! Sierra always "chose" to spit up or throw up on mommy.

Mama Matteo said...

those pics are great. i love the "in the moment" kind of pictures. i think you are doing great as a first time mommy. its all a guessing game (at least thats what i tell myself).

Katie said...

Oh goodness! Those are cute!! It was good to see ya'll today! Give little Rhys a hug and kiss from Miss Katie.

Nicki McDonald said...

LOVE it!! How precious is he?! You must cook so good it just knocks him right out after that belly is full!