Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy 7 Months, Rhys!!!

Rhys!!! Happy 7 months, Buddy!!!

You are my sweet companion each day, big man, and I love it!!! My heart is so full of joy as I care for you and try to help you learn as you grow! I ask the Lord how I could be so blessed to spend my days with you!!! You sure are growing up fast, and your daddy and I LOVE being a part of your life!! We praise the Lord for your sweet life and for the opportunity to raise you, in hopes of your coming to know and love our Lord for yourself. You are such a handsome little fellow!

You are so fun & interactive!!
I enjoy watching you play with get so excited and animated!! You can hardly contain yourself!

Rhys, you are doing so much at 7 months!

You love to EAT! You've eaten carrots, butternut squash, sweet peas, sweet potatoes, green beans, prunes, pears, avocado, oatmeal, rice cereal and now multi-grain cereal! I'm giving you finger foods (little cookies & puffs) today!! :) I think you'll enjoy eating from your fingers.

You nap two times a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, and usually for a good, long time! We try to get out around lunch time to run errands, visit with friends, go to the library, go swimming...something fun! You are ready for bedtime by 7:00, and you sleep until sometime in the 6:00am hour, but you're so good to just talk to yourself until Daddy comes in around 6:45 to read you a Proverb for the day. Then, I feed you a bottle and breakfast at 7:00, and we get our day started!

Your favorite activities and toys are your exersaucer, a walker with lots of fun sounds and lights, time alone in your playpen a couple of times a day with fun, soft toys, Baby Einstein dvds on occasion, and Daddy and Mommy have recently noticed that you delight in the company of dogs!!! Hmmmm...a doggie may be in our future! We'll see!
Sweet boy, Daddy and Mommy love you!! Happy 7 months to you!! Hugs and kisses all over your handsome face!

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missy said...

i cant believe he is 7 months--1 year is right around the corner! crazy! the house looks great and good job sewing! on to bigger projects now?!? =) xoox, m