Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Happy Valentine's Evening!!!

Once married with child :), it's highly possible that you will NOT be spending a quiet, romantic Valentine evening ALONE with your significant other. Those days are most likely slim to GONE :) for us for a while, but we absolutely made the MOST of our 'romantic' night with two other GREAT couples over a yummy dinner and, yep, you might have guessed it...a game or two or three or four ;) of JOKER!!!

We had a BLAST!!! The gentlemen grilled out, while we ladies prepped the side dishes. We were finished with dinner by 6:30, and after my last bite, I said, "Joker, anyone?!?!" :) to which everyone agreed, helped me clear the table of dishes, and the games began! The guys won the first game, but the ladies came back with a vengeance! ;) (We're really the sweet ones here!!)

It was about 9:30, and I challenged the group, "Wouldn't it be neat to play a game without talking at all and making your moves as fast as you can!?" My challenge was taken! We played a FUN round of no talking, but we had some pokes and gouges (not really any gouges!! :)) and lots of grunts and groans, and the girls STOMPED the guys!! That game took less than half the time it normally takes us to get through a game! Russell didn't even ask, he just set up the board for one more game! No one complained! Another game of funny sound effects later, and the girls stomped the guys yet again! The guys were NOT happy, but we all had a fun time (especially the girls...did I just say, I mean, type that?? ;) Am I rubbing this in a bit too much?? Aryvia wouldn't be happy with me here! :))!!! I think we're guaranteed a rematch from these guys, which I very much look forward to!

Our FUN neighbors, Aryvia & Kate!!
Of course, our FUN friends, Shegun & Mary!! Our Valentines evening family picture :) We LOVE it!!! We praise the LORD for this sweet addition!!!Below, everyone watching the master swaddler, our very own John Russell Wright, and not another peep was heard from the babe until the next feeding time! "Good job, Hun!"
We love you, friends! So, when's our next game night!? :) (I think I'm beyond obsessed with this game, but I don't think I'm alone here!!)


The Amato's said...

I think that this proves one thing.....the boys cheat!!! Take out all the talk & hints they give each other & they can't finally solved the mystery here :) Sounds like you had a great evening, we cannot wait to meet Rhys!!! Love ya girl

The deVilleneuves said...

You're not alone in your addiction...I think we are in it together. And, I must agree with Sarah that your challenge of no talking proves that the boys have a tendency to "over communicate" during the game which could lead to an unfair outcome!!! Next game we play, no talking!

Anonymous said...

You told it like it is :) We'll give the boys some time to recover before we take them on for another round...hehe. Love the pics...let's try to get a group one next time. Love ya!