Friday, February 20, 2009

Hand-Painted Pottery & Play Date!!!

Yesterday morning, Rhys and I picked up our neighbors, Holly and her little girl, Evie, and we all went to one of our friends' home to decorate pottery with our babies' footprints and handprints, while socializing up a storm! :) We really had a great time, and I can hardly wait to get our finished product - a decorative plate with Rhys' name and prints on it!!

Sweet Rhys was such a great sport!! Below, he's definitely crying and fussing, probably thinking, "Mommy, I was snoozing away, just as content as could and my paci...and you had to let some lady that I don't even know uncurl all my little fingers, put some kind of gunky, wet, cold paint all over the palm of my hand and then press it onto that cold plate!" Sorry, son, but one day you'll appreciate knowing how tiny and precious your little prints are!!! :)
Miss Jamie was so quick, yet articulate in her work! Above, she's putting light blue paint on Rhys' feet and, below, she's pressing his cute feet and toes onto our plate! (It does look uncomfortable...sorry, little guy!)
Below, all the fun different pottery pieces we could choose from... (Lauren, that quilt is so pretty!) Lauren and Georgia should see the rest of this beautiful family! All blonde hair and huge, beautiful blue eyes!!
Below, my neighbors, Holly and Evie (2 months). This was our first, hopefully of many, chances to get together!! We had a great time starting to get to know each other!!
Below, Katie & Andrew came to play!!
Of course, sweet Jenn and Rollins (I missed getting a picture of Christian!! Sorry!!) got to come, too!
Rhys and I enjoyed our first mommy-baby creative outing!! Looking forward to the next!

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Mama Matteo said...

hey it looks like yall had fun and i cant wait to see the finished product!