Sunday, February 15, 2009

Community Group Outing

So, this passed Thursday night, our community group ventured out to "C-Town," as Ben and Virginia call their homestead's town (aka, Calera, Alabama), where we enjoyed a fellowship evening over pizza! Russell and I truly love our community group, and we look forward to each Thursday night to be with them. Typically, we meet at one of our homes to specifically cover the message from the previous Sunday evening at Redeemer Community Church, and every once in a while, we'll throw in a social evening over dinner! We had a grand time...
(Left to right) Virginia, Emily, JP (standing) & his wife Megan, and Ben (Virginia's husband).
(Left to right) Ben, Chase, Jimmy and Audrey.
Below, Jimmy holding one of the Ben & Virginia's two dachshunds, Bobo. Jimmy loves dogs!! :)
Then again, my husband does, too! Lulu & Bobo became quite curious, then protective over little Rhys! It was really sweet to watch.
Poor little guy...Notice he's just wrapped in a blanket without an outfit! Mommy didn't get his diaper on tight enough again (TWICE that evening!), so we went through two outfits and then had to improvise with a blanket. :( Sorry, Son! We've repacked your diaper bag with more outfits and diapers for mishaps like that!!
Overall, everyone enjoyed a great evening! "Thank you, Ben & Virginia, for letting us come out to your place!!"

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