Saturday, February 14, 2009

First Ventures with Rhys...

Russell went out of town this passed Monday morning through Tuesday evening. I drove for the first time in three weeks on Monday, since before Rhys came into the world! I was a nervous wreck...thought I'd forgotten how to drive for the first few minutes in the car. I know I looked like a little old lady, hunkered down in her seat, face almost pressing against the wheel! :)

Anyway, we thankfully survived the drives of the day! :) I got to spend a nice long morning with my best friend, Ashley, at a nursing mom's group then over a nice long walk. After running a couple more errands, Rhys and I went home, both ate a snack, then napped! Soon after, we were treated to a nice long evening visit with my sweet girlfriend Natalie (below). A big THANK YOU to both of you for filling my and Rhys' day and evening with lots of love and help! :)
Natalie snapped this shot of me holding the babe in this cute front carrier! :)Then, we had some floor time to stretch out and play! Rhys has definitely taken a liking to his "Soothie" paci!! Great name...sure is soothing to him (and to Mommy when he's fussy!!).I was a little nervous about being solely responsible for little Rhys while Daddy was out of town, especially because the little guy had some congestion, but the days and night went by fast! We were all praising the Lord together for that, and we loved it when Daddy got home!!

On Thursday, we visited my family at their store...Baba Nili (above) enjoyed holding Rhys while taking care of business! :)Of course, Aunt Soraya loves any time she can get with this little bambino! (Can't blame her! ;))I sneaked in a quick power nap before our evening plans, and Russell sneaked Rhys into my lap??? :) and got these cute pictures.Sweet Bronwyn (left) brought us dinner that evening and stayed for a nice visit, holding little Rhys and evidently eating up each moment of that! Emily was meeting up with us for our evening plans with our community group, and she was so sweet, too, to bring us dinner the night before! She and Jenn fixed us yummy Jambalaya!! "Thank you, ladies, for our yummy dinners!!" :)

More on our community group get-together to follow...

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Darby said...

Shireen! Praise the Lord for all your wonderful friends and family! You look so beautiful, full of life and a natural at motherhood!! So glad to see you doing so very well!