Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Weekend Recap: 24 Phenomenal Hours with the Stickler's

In an effort to recap an amazing, fun-filled, absolutely non-stop weekend with the Stickler's, here goes...

I rolled into their drive this passed Saturday morning at exactly 11:00, right on schedule! I recognized Justin with John Martin and Morgan immediately! They were just sittin' in front of their house at the foot of a tree, just chillin'! I rolled down my window as I approached their drive and screamed, "Hey, guys!" It was already like being at home...so casual, so comfortable, all just chillin' together! Darby and the Raiger walked out the front door, and the hugs began!!

Darby and I got to visit while feeding the girls their lunch, then having a yummy turkey and cheese croissant with chips for ourselves! Thank you, Darby! That was SO good! I didn't realize how hungry I was...it had to be all the excitement leading up to this time with them, the 3-hour drive and, of course, Rhys has to eat!! :)

Then, Darby quickly bathed the girls, put them down for their afternoon nap; John Martin was already napping; Justin was delivering a bale of hay, so it was just me and Darby! We caught up, shared all kinds of life stories, continued getting to know each other and just enjoyed the quality time! Then, the projects began!! :)First, we got to change up the word board! Believe it or not, this took about 30 or 45 minutes! We had to go through a bag of double-sided letters to come up with all that we needed to fit this verse of Scripture on their kitchen word board. It was fun, kind of like Scrabble :), and what a delight to see Scripture on their walls! Above, Darby is multi-tasking, still talking to me, holding John Martin, choosing a verse, picking out all the letters. I took over, and we finally accomplished the below...Then, it was break time. Shireen needed some caffeine "somethin' fierce"! Justin had just gotten home, so we all piled up in the keeping room and sipped on my new favorite coffee (great recommendation from your blog, Darby!!), and enjoyed more quality time!

Oh, but the break was soon over, and the next project was started! Darby is possibly the most crafty person I know. She couldn't let me go back home without one of these sweet things...

Yes, we are making a gum drop wreath! Sweet-sweet, indeed!
Thank you, Darby, Morgan and Paige!! Y'all are so sweet...even sweeter than these gum drops! ;) Oh, and I must share that Russell has already helped himself to at least one gum drop! It may be bare by Christmas!

Saturday night was also very fun and non-stop! Justin had invited about 5 families over to watch the SEC Championship football game. I kid you not, we had at least 25 people, from babies and children to teens and adults, in and out of the house throughout the evening!! Justin built a fire in their patio fire pit, while the guys 'set up shop' out there to watch the game and grill burgers and all kinds of meats, and we girlies stayed busy prepping appetizers and dinner in the kitchen and then visiting around a beautiful, warm fire inside the house! Justin and the guys took turns coming inside to make sure our indoor fire was burning hot throughout the night! Thank you, guys!!

Below, our yummy desserts...Darby's delicious Chocolate Eclair Dessert and my Fresh Apple Cake! :)

Bed time came about 10:00, and I was completely exhausted after a perfect day! I LOVED 'my' room, the girls' playroom, which looked like this just last week! :) I'm looking forward to sleeping in this amazingly comfy sofa bed again! We're all hoping that Russell, Rhys and I can head back down to Dothan for a weekend visit this Spring! Yay!!!The next morning was Sunday, and the girls got all dressed up in their pretty little Christmas dresses for church! I asked them to 'pose' for me here! :) They're precious!Then, it was time for me to let them go on to church and for me to get back on the road! Justin was sweet to snap one final shot of me and my new God-given girlfriend and sister! And, yes, Erika! In response to your offer, I want to be y'all's triplet! ;) If you're MommaSissy, then, does that make me Aunt Shireen??? :) Hee hee!

In all seriousness and through a heart of pure thanksgiving, I praise the LORD for all the faith HE gave me and Darby in starting and developing our friendship online! I feel awkward telling people how we met because of the unfortunately negative conotation "online" friendships can carry. We've each prayed about our friendship, especially leading up to my traveling down to visit, and God has confirmed each step of the way that HE declared this friendship! I am so thankful, and Russell and I truly look forward to going back for a visit together and further exploring that which HE has in store for us with the Stickler's!

"Justin, Darby, Morgan, Paige and John Martin, I love you guys so much, and I thank you for letting me live life with you for a wonderful 24 hours!"


Mama Matteo said...

what a great post and im so excited that yall had a great time! what an answer to prayer and i want to thank darby and her family for loving my friend so well.

Darby said...

Ok... boo to blogger! I just typed a nice long comment and voila it was gone!

I'm smiling so big my face hurts! What a beautiful recap of a WONDERFUL weekend! I loved every minute of our time together and hope to do it again soon! You are a precious friend to me and I thank the Lord for bringing me YOU! You truly are a blessing!! You did a fabulous job recapping the weekend and I can't wait to tell my side of the story! It's been a long day {insert: plagued by major headache!} and I can't believe I didn't see your post until now.... and it's been out there all day! Perhaps if I had seen it this morning I wouldn't have had such a headache!? :)

Thank you for your kind words! I had an absolutely wonderful time with you my friend and I thank you for coming to see me.... PLEASE PROMISE ME YOU'LL COME BACK SOON! Ok?!

I love you!!!

erika said...

Aunt Shireen!! what a wonderful recap!!! i wish i had been there!!! my sister is amazing, glad you got to meet her and all her precious munchkins!!!

becky said...

awww...yall are such sweet friends. i'm another blog stalker and only know darby and MS online as well and have seen so many of your comments. i just had to pop over and read your recap {read add one more person to stalk to my lise ;-)}

you are so cute and precious. everyone should wish they looked that good pregnant.

Laura said...

Hi Shireen ~ I found your blog through Darby (I'm married to her cousin, Derick). Sounds like you guys had so much fun! I need a Shireen in Indiana. What a neat friendship you guys have. Best wishes with your little one on the way!

MIMILEE said...

I just loved this!!! I love the fact that the LORD was the one who got you two together! He evens uses the INTERNET!! I love it!
Sounds like you had a great time of fellowship together! There is nothing like Christian fellowship, is there??
Thanks for sharing this friendship as it has really blessed me immensely!
Praying for the healthy arrival of your babe, Rhys! You look wonderful!
In His Grip,
Lee <><