Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Get-Togethers 2008

I was concerned that Russell and I would be so bored this Christmas, since we couldn't travel with Rhys being due in just a month. We've actually had so much fun staying home!! For one thing, it's been a treat to be able to come home in between visits with family and friends so that I can rest! I'm so much more tired going into this last month of pregnancy. Russell and I have also just enjoyed the alone time we've shared in our home! We're realizing more and more that once Rhys comes along, 'our' time will be slim to none for a good while. Yikes!
The BEST part of this season has been WONDERFUL get-togethers with so many of our friends and family...Dinner and Joker :) with Aryvia & Kate (above) and Shegun & Mary (below) last Saturday night.Babysitting Rollins & Christian this Monday night was such fun and good practice!! :)Above, Rollins playing with our remote control Jeep...Russell's feet are 'road bumps' :)We took turns loving on Christian. He's full of smiles and so content! I enjoyed watching Russell tend to and bond with the boys! He's going to be a wonderful daddy!!! Ben & Virginia, a new couple friend of ours, came to visit us on Monday night, too. They brought us this sweet gift for Rhys! Smartwool booties for our babe! :) "Thanks, guys!!"
Dave & Carrie Tyson joined us for lunch & a couple of games of Joker on Christmas Eve!
Then, we visited with my family this Christmas morning.
Above, I'm standing with my twin sister, Soraya.
Below, we're with my granny, my mom, little Lady Bug (the pomeranian) and my dad.
Then, we spent today with Ryan & Jenn deVilleneuve and their families from Louisiana...eating a yummy Christmas lunch followed by a melt-in-your-mouth rum cake a la mode for dessert! Jenn is the BEST cook! She won't admit it...she's way too modest. :) "Thank you, Jenn. I know you enjoy treating and serving others, and you really do spoil us!" Then, we all visited over a good game of Joker!!
Above, Ryan & Jenn.
Below, Ryan & Sarah Amato. Sarah is the above Ryan's sister, and she married the below Ryan!! :) Both great guys, just confusing at 'roll call'! :)

Ryan deVilleneuve's Christmas gift...a portable Joker board set! This is the ultimate! You can play 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-man Joker! The guys stomped us today, but we're comin' back with a vengeance! :)

Tonight was special, as well. Charlie & Jamie Erwin brought us dinner! A yummy baked Ziti and tortellini soup. "Thank you, guys!!" We know each other through our church, and we all stay so busy that it's difficult to get together often, so when we found out they were in town Christmas night, we invited ourselves into their evening! :) We caught up, ate our delicious dinner, enjoyed genuine fellowship, then, we pulled out the Joker board...of course! Ha ha!!
More fun times ahead...the Christmas holidays have only just begun! I am so thankful to be off work so that I can rest, clean house and continue 'nesting' in anticipation of Rhys' arrival and enjoy the rest of our fun plans for this holiday!!

Merry Christmas to all on this 60 plus degree day from Birmingham, Alabama!


The Amato's said...

We had so much fun with ya'll yesterday! good to see you & russ. We will be praying for you this upcoming month & for your labor & delivery of RHYS!!!!

Mama Matteo said...

i loved all the pics, especially the one with your whole family. it turned out great. i am so glad yall have been having such good fun with family and friends. we can't wait to see yall soon.
love ya

The Amato's said...

Merry Christmas Wrights! We loved getting to spend time with you on Christmas day! You guys are part of the family and we love it!

Darby said...


Merry Christmas to you and Russell! Looks like y'all had a wonderful time... from the food, to the fellowship, to the fun {joker!}! I loved all the details and all the pictures! I miss you my friend and you look so fabulous. Looks like Rhys is getting big in there! Rest up! And... I think the dr should check your iron at your next appt... a deficiency may be to blame for your exhaustion! I had it with JM and a few iron supplements and I was good to go! I love you! JM is screaming....