Friday, December 5, 2008

Blogging Blessings

About a year ago, Russell and I were watching a movie at home. I was clearly not that into the movie because I got bored, pulled the laptop onto my lap and dove head first into the blogging world! I went from one blog to another, hopping from link to link, picking and choosing to read from those that struck my fancy.

I remember the blog had a festive, Fall-time themed background. Looking more closely, there was specific Scripture 'decorating' the pages. Reading about this family, I was struck by the beautiful transparency and willingness to share with the world in order to glorify the Lord. I interrupted Russell's focus on the movie several times that evening...reading to him, showing him sweet pictures, ooh-ing and ah-ing over this precious blog (and family). I went on to bed that night, but I couldn't help but think of that blog again a few days later, wondering how I could get back to it. I did not store it in my favorites, nor was it saved in my internet cache.

I started sifting through blogs and links on blogs like I was seeking out hidden treasure! Aha! I found it!! "Thank you, Lord!!" So, I thought about it and thought about it...should I post a comment??? Would that be stalking? Surely, the writer would think I'm weird! I didn't care! I went for it! I posted my first comment! :) Boy, am I glad that I did!

Darby and I have become great friends! She's so cool, very talented, so genuine, and she's also a twin! :) Most importantly, she has a heart of pure gold...loves the Lord and people so selflessly. God has ministered to my heart and helped me through life decisions since I've been richly blessed to know Darby. We've been emailing, instant messaging each other, keeping up with each other through our blogs, posting comments, etc. We've even exchanged mailing addresses and phone numbers! We've each received physical mail from each other! :) Fun!
Above, Darby with her husband, Justin, and their sweet children, Morgan, Paige and John Martin (left to right)
Below, Darby (just after giving birth!) and her cool twin sister, Erika.
We almost got to meet this passed Summer, but the timing was not quite right. She had her third child!! Since we've met online :), I've gotten pregnant, and I realized a couple of months ago that if we're going to plan to see each other any time soon, we'd better get on it, dog on it! :) Sooooooooo, I'm headed to see Darby and her sweet family tomorrow! Yippee! We've been communicating, praying and planning for this weekend, knowing that Russell would have drill and it would be such an opportune time for me to travel before I can't in the next few weeks...we're gettin' kind of close to Rhys' due date.

Okay, enough reminiscing! I look SO forward to posting on my time with the Stickler's!

Can't wait!

Happy Friday and weekend to you all!


Missy said...

i follow darby's sweet blog through yours sometimes. her family is precious.
thanks for the congrats! you were almost right. last minute we changed from mexican to my favorite, and i emphasize favorite!! sushi place here in dallas. and i started off with a glass of pingo grigio!! you were oh so close!! love you! xoxo

erika said...

You are so sweet! Can I say "amen" to everything nice you said about my sweet sister? I feel the same! I feel certain that you are equally as wonderful! It's early Saturday morning and I pray that you are tucked in tight on that pull-out sofa in the "cleaned up" version of the play room!? That's one comfy sleeper sofa (I never knew there was such a thing- but I think that's one is great!). I also hope you enjoyed the "disco bathroom"! What a blessing you are! Can we claim you as our triplet!?
ps- I like that I'm a "cool"! Was it the fact that I'm eating Chia Pet seeds now!? :) And you should know- I didn't have one diet coke over Thanksgiving!

Darby said...

Shireen, I love you and our time has been precious. You are all tucked in your bed in the playroom and thankfully it doesn't look like it did a few days ago! Be so thankful that I cleaned up for you... otherwise you may have not made your way to the bed! I'm sad you're leaving tomorrow... we have to finish our project as soon as the sun rises! Is it so weird that I'm leaving you a comment and you're literally in the next room?! Oh well! I love you and your heart and next time {which hopefully will be soon} you have to bring Russell and Rhys along with! Loving you just as much as I knew I would!!

amanda blake said...
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amanda blake said...

wow! love more of these blessings in the "blogworld". how fun it's been to discover and learn so much about people, you'd probably otherwise never know or have time to know. btw--thank you for posting all your recipes!

Jessica said...

I follow Darby's blog and found yours. What fun you two must have had. I so need one of those word boards!