Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving, Christmas & Baby Shower - All in One!!

Russell & I enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving - Christmas - Baby Shower weekend in Louisiana over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend! Since Rhys is due January 25th, and I'm not supposed to travel from about Christmas time on, we wanted to make the most of our weekend with our Louisiana family. It will be at least late January until we get to see them again.

On Thursday, we celebrated Thanksgiving during the day and then Christmas that evening.
Above, from left to right, Rusty & Claudia (Russell's parents); Russell, Myself & Rhys :); Tami (Russell's older sister); Kristie, Todd & Sierra Grace (Russell's younger sister & her family)
On Friday, Russell and his dad and uncle went deer hunting and black-powder rifle shooting, while the girls and I :) stayed back on the homestead. Claudia cooked yummy seafood gumbo, which we all enjoyed! It was just a good, relaxing day before a busy next day....
On Saturday, Rhys was absolutely showered yet again with much love and fun gifts! Whew! It was a whirlwind of a morning...not enough time to visit with so many wonderful people. Russell and I are thankful for such loving and generous family. We are so supported, for which we praise our Lord!
Above, all the yummy goodies at the shower! Notice to the favorite...Aunt Ora's Fresh Apple Cake, baked by our sweet Aunt Sharon. :) Also, my favorite sandwiches...chicken salad...YUM! Thank you, Tami!!!
Below, you've gotta look through Russell's and my facial expressions as we open gifts...all too funny! :)
And I took the above picture just for good measure (or for good memories)!! :) Hee hee! This was actually on Thursday afternoon, right after our yummy Thanksgiving dinner...we had to get outside and enjoy some exercise after all the delicious food! Of course, I think my man is quite hot, so he's now 'published' as such on our blog! ;)


Missy said...

fun pics! great gifts! cute sweater! cute fam! =)

Kathryn said...

Glad you guys had a great family weekend and got to get some goodies for Rhys! He'll be here before you know it- trust me! :)