Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fulfilling Fellowship!

While my sweet hubby went hiking and camping over the weekend with these two great guys...Ryan & Rollins deVilleneuve (I snagged this great picture from Jenn!)...I made sure I had some fun plans for myself, too!

First, I got to spend Saturday morning with a sweet girlfriend, Nicki McDonald, who is clearly in my life by God's purposes! The way we came to know each other was through a babysitting referral from a mutual friend at church about 2 years ago! Nicki got my phone number, called me to see if I might be available for a certain evening to keep her 3 beautiful children, and our conversation was IMMEDIATELY transparent, refreshing and encouraging! I remember looking at my watch, thinking, "Man! We've been talking almost an hour!" I did keep her children shortly thereafter, and that led to a great friendship for me and Nicki!
We got to visit for a good while this last Saturday morning, while Clayton, Nicholas and Kaylee were in and out! :) "Nicki, thank you for Rhys' new gift - a handsome blue cross with scripture on it!!" I love this verse of truth, "Every good and perfect gift is from above." James 1:17 Amen!That day, I got to have lunch with my sweet granny. She spoiled me, cooking lunch for me, giving me a manicure and pedicure, then letting me fall asleep and nap for a good while. We ran an errand together and really enjoyed our quality time just before I headed back home to visit with my best girlfriend, Ashley, her sweet baby, Nathan, and her dear husband, Dan.

I was actually supposed to babysit Nathan that night, while Dan & Ashley were at their community group's Christmas party, but little Nathan was sick and needed Mommy and Daddy's company, so they were so sweet to come spend their evening with me! I loved it!! "Thank you, Dan, Ashley & Nathan!! I love y'all so much!"My heart was genuinely full after the day of good fellowship!

Russell enjoyed his camping experience, too! He said he was actually SWEATING in his sleeping bag while it was 32 degrees outside! I guess that's the blessing of wearing and using the wright ;) gear! "Way to be so prepared, Honey! That allows me to know that you are camping safely and in comfort! I'm glad you had fun with the guys, too! What a fun experience for Rollins!" :)


Mama Matteo said...

we loved our shireeny time as well. nathan is so excited about meeting rhys and has all kinds of things to teach him. dan and i agree, you look SUPER DUPER cute as a pregnant girl.
love ya

Angie Davis said...

thanks so much! yes, pack those bags!