Friday, September 23, 2011

Caleb - 13 Months

Our big little man made 13 months almost two weeks ago. Life has just been fast and furious. So, this mommy is just now getting to post an update!

I PRAISE our Lord that Caleb is HEALTHY & WELL & CHOCK FULL OF SPUNK! He is ATTACHED TO HIS MOMMY these days!!! Whew!!! Hence, the lack of blogging! I'm catching a break during naps.

Caleb is WALKING!!! HOORAY! HOORAY! He took his first steps the day he made 13 months! He's still a bit unsteady on foot, but he's getting there!
He's full of smiles, giggles and laughs!
He eats great! Chugs down about 24 oz of milk per day (suggested amount for his age per our pediatrician).
He still naps twice a day...about an hour in the am, about 1.5 hours in the pm.
Enjoys the outdoors! Loves play time with Daddy & brother. Enjoys cuddle time with Mommy. :)
His personality is proving to be quite determined! Lord willing, that will be a strength!
This big boy's just a mess, and we LOVE LOVE LOVE him with all of our hearts!!!

Here are some fun pics of what Caleb's been up to...

Learning to ride the 4-wheeler...
Of course, big brother jumps in to show him how it's done!
Eating Saturday morning biscuits with Daddy...
Evidently excited to be outside and with apple juice in hand! :)
A beautiful smile that his mama LOVES!!
Playing with pine straw...and, of course, always trying to eat it!
Happy 13 months, our precious Caleb!!! You are SUCH a JOY! Your personality is developing, and we learn something new about you just about each day! It's fun, and we look forward to many more months, many more years and a lifetime with you!

Mommy & Daddy

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Ashley Matteo said...

yay for caleb. cant wait to see him walking. he is looking so much like a big boy now and i can tell his is thinned out some(yet still perfectly cute and chubby in a good way)