Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rhys Starting School...

We prayed about the decision to 'send' Rhys to preschool this year, and we sensed the Lord's clear guidance to do so. I asked the Lord in that initial prayer to please confirm that we'd made the right decision, and He has {already!!!!} SO many times, and we're only into week 2 of preschool! I am so thankful!

Rhys on his first day of school... :) {I'm a proud, sappy mommy :)}
I asked him to stand up. :)
And after 3 days of preschool at our church, Rhys shared with me and Daddy this evening some things he's learning. This week, they're starting to learn the alphabet! So, this week's letter is "A," and Rhys brought home art work to help him remember what he's learning..."A is for Apple." He also brought home a Scripture verse: "Be generous and willing to share" (I Timothy 6:18), which is exactly what we're focusing on at home {with toys among both boys}!! So, yay!!!

Well, as if that weren't enough, I teared up tonight when Rhys started singing, and we finally understood that he was singing a PRAYER! Yay!!!! Evidently, his teachers are leading him through this prayer as they sit for lunch...
Absolutely melts a mommy's and daddy's heart. "Thank You, Jesus."

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Todd, Kristie and Sierra Mitchell said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! So glad big Rhys is starting school, working on his letters, and learning even more about God our Father!! It is such a blessing to have Christian schools to send our kids to!!! Love you guys! Thanks SO much for sharing!!