Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome, Cool Weather & Pappa & Grandmom!!

With the start to Autumn, we've enjoyed some nice cool weather! It's great to pull out the cool-weather wardrobe for all of us, and it's always fun to pull out another season of clothes for the boys. It's been all-too-easy to 'pass down' clothes from one boy to another...I appreciate it! Caleb's wearing all the shirts, jeans, socks and jackets that Rhys wore, and it's pretty neat that they both started walking within their 13th months of age!

The boys enjoy playing around our fire pit, and I think they'll really enjoy it this winter when they see what it does! Holds fire and makes s'mores! :)
Caleb LOVES to swing!
The boys enjoy their new car mat...we're working on the concept of sharing. :)
I was thankful when Rhys came home from school with this Scripture verse (it's condensed for the children's ease of comprehension): "Be generous and willing to share." I Timothy 6:18
I definitely remind the boys of this verse at least once a day, and it's great to know that Rhys' teachers are encouraging the same!
Just another cute pic :)
I walked into our den a few mornings ago, and Rhys was just sitting alone on this stool, eating his granola bar and looking out the window. It was such a sweet moment that I wanted to take a picture to remember his precious quiet moment. He is SO his sweet daddy in MANY MANY ways!!!
Pappa & Grandmom have visited with us the last two weekends, and Grandmom has stayed with us this last week. It's been such a nice help and time of companionship. Most days, I don't get much adult interaction, so it's been nice to have another wise and experienced woman, wife and mom here with me and the boys during our full days! Pappa offered his Camelbak water bottle to Caleb last weekend, and he is a pro at drinking out of it, now! Yay for no-leak bottles!
I found Grandmom sitting with the boys yesterday morning...another sweet, quiet moment, where they were just sitting there, looking out the window...and I wanted to capture the moment.
What are we to do when Grandmom is not here next week???? I know that we'll be fine, but it sure has been a nice treat! "Thank you, Pappa & Grandmom, for coming! Thank you, Grandmom, for all of your love!"

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Katie said...

I know! You can come see us!! :)
Enjoyed the new pictures. Miss you friend!